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AWE Tuning Power Package Breaks Audi B8 S4 1/4 Mile World Record

awe 30t pulley close 1280 1 600x300 photo

posted by on 30 October 2014 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

AWE Tuning’s AWE Tuning Stage 2 Performance Pulley Kit (featuring G.I.A.C. Stage 2 Pulley Software), S4 3.0T Touring Edition Exhaust, and G.I.A.C. DL501 S-Tronic Transmission Software, shot customer Peter Glykos’ 2013 Audi S4 to the top of the B8/B8.5 Audi S4 ¼ mile leader board on October 26, 2014, with a world record setting 11.589 seconds at 118.77 mph. “The performance […] More…

Video: Lapping the Nurburgring in an Audi R8 V8

r8v8 onboard 600x300 photo

posted by on 30 October 2014 in Video

Ever wondered what it’s like to put in a hot lap at the legendary Nürburgring behind the wheel of an Audi R8?  Thanks to a video uploaded by YouTube channel FlatOut Brasil, today is your lucky day.  Putting in a time of 8:17 from Bridge to Gantry on a surface that the uploader calls “damp”, […] More…

Production Jubilee: 20 Years of Audi A4 at Ingolstadt Plant

20years a4 600x300 photo

posted by on 30 October 2014 in Audi News

More than six million Audi A4 cars produced Board of Management Member for Production Dr. Hubert Waltl: “A4 family is the heart of the brand” Bestseller over four model generations Jubilee in Audi’s mid-sized range: The brand with the Four Rings has been producing the Audi A4* at its main plant in Ingolstadt for 20 […] More…

New ‘Pieces of Silver’ Historical Novel Set within Cockpit of Auto Union Silver Arrows

Auto Union Type C 009 600x300 photo

posted by on 30 October 2014 in Choice Gear Motorsport Vintage & Youngtimer News

There’ve been many books based on the Silver Arrow era of racing. The time period saw the some of the fastest, technologically advanced and most dangerous racing careen head-on with the geo-political turmoil of World War II. Many a non-fiction historical book has been written about the era, though ‘Pieces of Silver’ goes a bit […] More…

Project S7: Recaro… for the Kids

recaro kids cover 600x300 photo

posted by on 30 October 2014 in Project S7

Time for a midweek shake up! After covering APR’s Stage II+ upgrade on Project S7 and the initial exterior cosmetic changes – we now come to child seats?!?!! That’s right. Child seats , or in this particular case the brand new Recaro Performance Denali Stroller and Coupe Infant carrier- for my son who is due […] More…

Event Coverage: DubRun to the Poconos

rsfaux sedan 600x300 photo

posted by on 29 October 2014 in Events News

Garden State Euro’s yearly end of October event in Tannersville, Pennsylvania is one of the more intimate events we’ve been to this year.  Starting off as a series of cruises from various areas around New Jersey and ending roughly two hours later at the Barley Creek Brewery, DubRun is more of a road rally and gathering […] More…

Project S7: Wrap & Vinyl Work, Round 2

project s7 vinyl cover 600x300 photo

posted by on 29 October 2014 in Project S7

The exterior appearance of a vehicle is a very personal thing. When our Project S7 went to SEMA last year, the car went with a Charcoal Matte Metallic wrap from Avery Denison. The beauty of a wrap is that it can be removed and replaced with relative ease, allowing us to completely change the look drastically for SEMA 2014 with minimal wear and tear on the car.

Find of the Day: Audi Exclusive Ipanema Brown Audi A5

ipanema a5 600x300 photo

posted by on 29 October 2014 in In Market

A direct contrast to the popular ‘vanilla’ hues of black, silver and white, Audi Exclusive’s Ipanema Brown is one of the more bold choices available from the factory.  But the owner of this 2012 A5’s bravery paid off, as the car has been well documented across the internet during the various stages of its current ownership.  This ability […] More…

APR Releases Solid Shifter Cable Bracket

shifter cable bracket mq350 installed 600x300 photo

posted by on 29 October 2014 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

APR is pleased to present the Solid Shifter Cable Bracket. Through countless years of professional racing, APR Motorsport identified the factory shifter cable bracket system as a source of sloppy shifts, missed gears, bracket and bushing failure and even transmission failure. The factory shifter cable bracket is made from plastic with rubber bushings. Over time […] More…

Audi and Blipshift Team for R8 competition T-Shirt Contest

Audi R8 competition USA type 42 3221 600x300 photo

posted by on 28 October 2014 in Audi News

Following surprise confirmation today of what looks to be a U.S.-only R8 competition model set for debut at the L.A. Auto Show, Audi of America also announced a unique T-shirt contest. In order to make it happen, Audi has teamed with online automotive T-shirt entity and you could be the designer. More…

Video: Fastest RS 7 in the World with 10.1 Second Quarter Mile

dragrace 600x300 photo

posted by on 28 October 2014 in Aftermarket & Tuner News Video

There’s no doubt that the 4.0 TFSI-powered Audi RS 6 and RS 7 duo have been re-establishing Audi’s RS-cars as automobiles with super car performance in the form of a family hauler. Case in point is this Russian Audi RS 7 from SMP Racing… not just fast for an RS 6 or RS 7, but the world’s fastest RS 7… period. More…

Audi R8 competition Limited Edition Confirmed for Los Angeles Auto Show

Audi R8 competition USA type 42 315 600x300 photo

posted by on 28 October 2014 in Audi News

Audi of America revealed today that it would reveal a limited edition performance-oriented 2015 R8 competition at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Following in the vein of the Audi R8 GT and the European market R8 LMX, the R8 competition pairs the power of 570 hp and a healthy dose of matte carbon fiber kit. More…