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Eine Kleine Munchen Gallery

by on 23 May 2017 in Fourtitude News PhotoGraphic

20170523 200714 600x300 photo

Fourtitude is on location in Germany and Austria this week for Wörthersee. Having landed in Munich today, and with some time to kill, we went car spotting around the airport parking lot. Of course, even the most mundane foreign Audis interest us more than the Lamborghini Aventador shading itself underground. Mundane Audis like the aerodynamic […] More…

Audi Resolves Dispute with Chinese Dealers

by on 23 May 2017 in Audi Driver Fourtitude News

audi a6l 600x300 photo

Audi’s Chinese troubles might have finally come to an end thanks to a new deal signed between the German automaker and its Chinese dealers. Sales in Audi’s largest single market dropped last year, affecting profit for the whole company. The reason for the sales depression in China stemmed from concerns from Audi’s existing Chinese partner, […] More…

R8 LMS GT4 Makes Motorsport Debut

by on 19 May 2017 in Audi News Fourtitude News Motorsport

P1017877 600x300 photo

This weekend, six Audi R8 LMS GT3s will race for dominance at the Nürburgring 24 Hours while two R8 LMS GT4s are testing in their first ever live race. The new R8 LMS GT4 is the latest customer race car from Audi Sport, and it bridges the gap between the affordable RS3 LMS and the […] More…

Bentley Introduces the Bentayga for Falconers

by on 18 May 2017 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News

Bentley Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner 36 600x300 photo

Bentley is now catering to that great untapped market of falconers who also have a bunch of money (I’m pretty sure that Venn diagram is just a circle) with the Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner. Created by Bentley’s in-house commissioning division, the Bentayga Falconry includes everything you and your falcon could ever need for a day […] More…

Stadler Promises to Focus on Ethics

by on 18 May 2017 in Audi News Fourtitude News

rupert stadler 600x300 photo

Audi’s CEO, Rupert Stadler, today said that ethics will be a top priority at the company going forward, pledging full transparency following the dieselgate scandal. Promising to eliminate any misconduct at Audi’s Annual General Meeting today, Stadler said that he would make law and ethics “the ultimate benchmark” at Audi, adding that “we will continue […] More…

Watch: Slowmo RS7 Donuts on the Beach

by on 17 May 2017 in Audi News Fourtitude News Video

audi rs7 on the beach 600x300 photo

The RS7 Performance is a very, very quick car indeed. With 605 hp and all-wheel drive, it’s capable of getting to 60 in just 3.7 seconds and up to nearly 190 mph. Audi is not subject to the tyranny of numbers, though. As the above video proves, the RS7 Performance can put its performance to […] More…

Stadler to Stay on as Audi CEO

by on 17 May 2017 in Audi News Fourtitude News

stadler 600x300 photo

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler will have his contract extended by another five years. The supervisory board approved a third term that will make Stadler the CEO through December 31, 2022, today. Stadler’s contract ends this year, and rumors have been flying about the CEO’s fate since he came under fire for his handling of the […] More…

Audi Creates Future Car Dictionary

by on 17 May 2017 in Audi News Fourtitude News


In the world of the future, they tell us, every car will be autonomous. In this world, traffic lights will be as useless as an umbrella in the Sahara, and no one will ever crash, just like your computer, which has never crashed even once, I’m sure. The only problem with that utopian vision of […] More…

Audi Shows Q8 Concept with Fully Integrated Android Infotainment System

by on 16 May 2017 in Audi News Fourtitude News

A175080 medium 600x300 photo

A new version of the Audi Q8 Sport was shown at the Google I/O developer conference in California on May 17. The new concept features an infotainment system with a fully integrated Android operating system. The Q8 concept comes with Spotify, Google Play Music, and Google Assistant right out of the box, running on Audi’s […] More…

Audi Museum Celebrates 60 Years of Wankel

by on 16 May 2017 in Audi News Fourtitude News

A175055 medium 600x300 photo

Lest the bright minds over at Mazda forget who invented the Rotary engine, Audi is opening an exhibition at its Ingolstadt museum called “Revolution—60 Years of the NSU/Wankel Engine.” The exhibition runs from may 20 to November 5 and tracks the long history of, as Jay Leno likes to say, the only truly new internal […] More…

Audi Releases Full Line Pricing for 2018

by on 15 May 2017 in Audi News Fourtitude News

Small 2742 2018AudiS3Sedan 600x300 photo

Every Audi in the line, with a few notable exceptions, now has an American price. The Ingolstadt automaker has released a chart laying out how much you can expect to pay or each of its vehicles. Destination charges of $975 apply to all vehicles, except the R8, which has a $1,250 destination charge. The A5 […] More…

Di Grassi Finishes Second at Monaco ePrix

by on 15 May 2017 in Audi News Fourtitude News Motorsport

A175007 medium 600x300 photo

Audi’s Lucas di Grassi missed out on winning the Monaco round of Formula E by 0.32 seconds. The Brazilian driver spent the entirety of the final lap looking for a way around championship leader, Sebastien Buemi, weaving and attacking on the street circuit. Unfortunately for Audi fans, though, the tight circuit prevented the faster di […] More…