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Event Coverage: Ultimate Dubs 2015 (UK)

by on 18 March 2015 in Events Coverage

ultimate dubs cover 600x300 photo

Each year, Ultimate Dubs brings the best of the UK’s Audi tuning scene to the largest indoor show of its kind. Held just outside of Birmingham, more than 250 cars from nearly all Volkswagen Group marques were in attendance at the Telford International Centre this past weekend, and our UK contributor Si Gray was there to take it all in.

2015 Geneva Motor Show: Event Index

by on 4 March 2015 in 2015 Geneva Motor Show

geneva2015 600x300 photo

Follow along with our ongoing coverage of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. More…

Project Audi A3 Sedan: Air Lift Performance Suspension

by on 2 March 2015 in Project A3 Sedan

a3 airlift cover 600x300 photo

Low, stanced, dropped, bagged, aired out, and slammed are all terms used to describe the trend of air suspensions gaining popularity in the European car segment. Getting a car to sit really low has never been as popular as it is now in the tuning scene. Once a thing more for low-riders or mini trucks, the art of getting a car to sit as close to the ground is now quite commonplace at any given car show, fitted to cars like VWs, BMWs, Mercedes and, yes, Audi models. More…

Retrospective: 1996 Audi S6 plus

by on 26 February 2015 in Miscellaneous Features

s6 plus cover 600x300 photo

Back in the 1990s, Audi had assembled their own internal skunkworks and incorporated at its own entity. quattro GmbH was born, and with it came the first in a line of the highest performance and highly tailored Audi exclusive vehicles. First out of the gate, after a restoration of a Sport quattro for a wealthy client, was the development of the S6 plus that hit the market in 1996. More…

Project B85 allroad: Winterization with Wheels, Winter Tires & More

by on 20 February 2015 in Project B85 allroad

b85 allroad cover1 600x300 photo

It’s fair to say that anyone entering a record-setting winter may have an unfair advantage when equipped with an Audi A4 allroad quattro. If it’s not already, augmenting the car with the proper equipment to further deal the frigid weather will solidify its “unfair” status. Beware polar vortex, we are not afraid thanks to great new additions from Audi and Michelin. More…

Project A3 Sedan: Billy Boat Performance Exhaust

by on 18 February 2015 in Project A3 Sedan

project a3 cover 600x300 photo

There’s no doubt that the automotive enthusiast world is a large one, with so many segments, so many car cultures and the many companies that cater to them. Given this, it is a pleasure sometimes to reconnect with which you are already familiar, even better when they’re in your “back yard”. More…

Project OE A3: APR Stage 1 ECU Tune

by on 9 February 2015 in Project OE A3

project oe a3 apr 600x300 photo

“There’s no replacement for displacement.” Once a truism of automotive performance, the modern era of turbocharging and direct injection have rendered that statement more of an untruism. Take, for example, Audi’s 2.0 TFSI engine like the one in our A3 2.0 TFSI. No, it may not be as powerful as 5.2 FSI of an Audi […] More…

Project B8.5 allroad: Introduction

by on 6 February 2015 in Project B85 allroad Project Cars & Builds

b85 allroad cover 600x300 photo

Ask anyone who’s not an Audi enthusiast to explain it and they likely can’t. To the uninitiated, today’s Audi allroad (A4 allroad to Europe) is the unexpected enthusiast’s car. Those familiar with the brand though… they know better. That’s where this car comes in.

Driven: 2015 Audi TT 2.0 TDI ultra S line

by on 5 February 2015 in Reviews & Road Tests

tdi cover 600x300 photo

You can thank the regulation divide between America and the EU for reasons cars like the one you see here would never make the cut in the U.S. market. Whether it is protectionist, politics or simply ego, America and Europe can’t really seem to get aligned on rules and regulations that apply to car production and certification. As a result, quirky cars like a diesel-powered TT coupé with manual transmission simply remain too niche and too obscure to be worth federalizing. More…

Project B85 allroad: Series Index

by on 5 February 2015 in Project B85 allroad

b85 series index 600x300 photo

Follow along with our ongoing project build based on this 2014 Audi A4 allroad. More…

Project OE A3: VMR Wheels & Michelin Pilot Alpin Winter Tires

by on 2 February 2015 in Project OE A3

project oea3 winter tires header 600x300 photo

Winter tires. If you live in a snowy climate and you haven’t made the investment then you’re missing out. If you have, you’ll likely never go back. Chalk us up to the latter, never really having much of a problem with all-season tires until we ponied up and got a set of winters. The game […] More…

Project S7: Smiling Pretty for Si Gray’s Camera

by on 20 January 2015 in Project S7

project s7 600x300 photo

When last we left Project S7, the car was on a rapid path of evolution ahead of its showing at the 2014 SEMA Show. We covered a lot of ground in a short time, so we’re taking a breather with the build-up. In the meantime, the car’s been making rounds having its picture taken. More…