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Fourword: A Different Take on the American A3

by on 2 September 2005 in Columns

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The A3 for me is a conundrum. I love the idea of a compact 5-door car that can be easily parked in small urban parking spaces and still carry a decent amount of cargo or four adults in relative comfort. For the foreseeable future, there will be three drivetrain offerings: the 2.0T in front-wheel drive […] More…

Fourword – Fourtitude State of the Union

by on 22 August 2005 in Columns

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You may or may not have noticed it, but Fourtitude is going through some changes. They’ve been subtle, I know, but the site just received a re-freshening less than a year and a half after we launched it. There have been several key new features added, the response through growth of readership has been most […] More…

Fourword – In the Spirit of Summer, ‘Bike Week’ on Fourtitude

by on 22 July 2005 in Columns

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Those who own the cars or even lust for them can easily tell you that Audi enthusiasm is a lifestyle as much as any other. While most reading this website enjoy the finer things on four wheels, watch or take part in motorsport, go on a roadtrips, tinker with their cars or simply talk about […] More…

Fourword – Specialty Cars a Sign of Success

by on 24 April 2005 in Columns

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There’s an aspect of car culture often overlooked by the mainstream due to its cottage nature – that of the “specialty car”. From niche manufacturer, kitcar or replica builder to engine conversions and custom coachbuilders, one can measure the success and desirability of a car manufacturer like Audi by looking at what this “specialty car” […] More…

Fourword – Infiniti Sues Audi Over Ownership of a Letter. Give Me a Break.

by on 28 March 2005 in Columns

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While attending this year’s New York International Auto Show, one of the more interesting pieces of news being shared from mouth to mouth was Nissan’s filing suit against Audi in a Detroit federal court. The Japan-based automobile manufacturer is attempting to lay claim to ownership of the letter “Q”, thereby trying to stop Audi’s use […] More…

Guest Seat: Spring. Come. Please.

by on 21 March 2005 in Columns

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“must beat the enormous rusty winter car, spring come please” –the Magnetic Poetry collection of crazyreesie and vdubster79 I run downstairs and face my winter beater, a 1987 Audi 4000. It’s shiny with a thick, glossy glaze; like a sugar-covered rose that will be placed on top of a demanding bride’s overpriced wedding cake. Unlike […] More…

Fourword: Stakes On the Grille

by on 16 February 2005 in Columns

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Since its debut on the A8 W12, Audi’s new shield grille design inspired by Auto Union racecars of the 1930s has generated its fair share of discussion and critique. Modern Audi design has been relatively conservative since the brand’s resurgence in the 1970’s so when chief designer Walter de’Silva took the reigns in 2002 charged […] More…

Fourword: Why Audi Shouldn’t Run from RWD

by on 15 January 2004 in Columns

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For any self-respecting Audiphile, the mere suggestion of Audi embracing rear-wheel drive might be equated to heresy. Since the launch of quattro, the Audi name has become synonymous with all-wheel drive. Compared to its main competitors at BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Audi has chosen to pave its own way in its use of front-wheel drive. Rumors […] More…