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Foursome: A Very Different Widebody Build from Dialynx is an Exercise in Lightweight Construction

by on 4 January 2013 in Feature Cars

foursome cover 600x300 photo

UK-based Dialynx is best known for its Sport quattro conversions amongst other Audi tuning. This time around, owner Keith Murray wanted to build something a bit different and the result is this <2000 lb. widebody 80 2-door quattro with 600+ bhp 1.4-liter turbo. More…

Feature: 200+ mph Audi A1. MTM’s A1 Nardo

by on 24 October 2012 in Feature Cars

200mph a1 600x300 photo

When Audi built the A1 clubsport quattro for the Austrian enthusiast gathering at Worthersee, it set about construction of the ultimate tuned A1. That car, with full bodywork by the Audi Design Team, 2.5 TFSI swapped engine and quattro before there ever was a production A1 quattro, set afire the hearts of Audi enthusiast around […] More…

Feature: One of 1 – Bespoke R8 V10 from the Factory

by on 19 October 2012 in Feature Cars

bespoke cover 600x300 photo

It all started with a photo posted on Facebook. At least that’s when it blipped on our radar. A friend who’s a manager at Volkswagen posted a shot of a matte grey R8, likely one of the first examples of Audi’s new Exclusive Selection Edition R8s, casually parked in the back lot of Audi of America’s headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. A week later we’re in Virginia to photograph this recent addition to the Audi of America executive fleet and shortly after detonating our own social media photo bomb on Instagram, an eagle-eyed reader points out that the car is wearing a V10 badge even though V10 examples are supposed to be white. Good point.

Coppertone Dolphin: Lon Mok’s HRE-Rich Audi S4 Avant

by on 28 June 2012 in Feature Cars

1200x514frontpage 600x300 photo

There’s no question that the requirements for owning an Audi are either a fair inheritance or attaining the status in life of being a “go-getter”. We’re not sure about his inheritance status and frankly that’s a bit personal to ask, but there’s no need to question Lon Mok’s (a.k.a. bugzy on the Fourtitude forums) status as “go-getter”. The guy not only manages the long-running So-Cal Euro car show, he also splits his time as marketing executive for HRE wheels. What better car then should the guy own for his going and his getting but an S4 Avant… and rolling on custom HRE wheels.

Feature: OE+ Multiplier – Audi RS 5 by RS QUATTRO

by on 7 June 2012 in Feature Cars

rsquattro header 600x300 photo

When it comes to styles of European car modification, there are any number of routes you can go. “Stanced” will get you plenty of looks at the summer car shows while boosted performance will likely help you at the track be it quarter mile or circuit. The varying philosophies can often differ greatly, their proponents […] More…

Domestic S: MTM’s North American Importer Builds an Audi S3 Sportback

by on 18 February 2010 in Feature Cars

05domestic s 600x300 photo

What do you get an Audi enthusiast who has everything? How about a piece of gray market rareness — who wouldn’t want that? Except we wouldn’t exactly call the Audi “S3” you see here gray market. More like off-white, blended with a bit of whatever color represents the aftermarket. Allow us to explain. German tuning […] More…

Boosted Harbinger: Driving MTM’s 430 hp B8 S4 Avant

by on 16 December 2009 in Feature Cars

05feature mtm s4 600x300 photo

There was a certain magic about the B5 Audi S4, the twin-turbo V6-powered generation built up until 2002. Forced induction in an all-wheel drive sedan was a novel concept in the days before the rally-inspired WRX or EVO hit American shores. The car was fast, agile and, most important, you could dial up the power […] More…

Audi S4 by Any Other Measure: AWE’s GT28-71R 2.0T B7

by on 2 November 2009 in Feature Cars

05awe audi a4 stage 3 giac 600x300 photo

When Audi introduced the B6 S4 back in 2004, its move to a V8 seemed like the best strategy for taking on its top rival the BMW M3. BMW had been fighting homologation rules, trying to race a V8 powered M3 even though they didn’t yet build such a beast while Audi actually had such […] More…

Board-Member Owned Audi Exclusive TTS Coupe Owned Takes OEMPlus to Next Level

by on 7 May 2009 in Feature Cars

05stadler audi tt 600x300 photo

For visitors to the Audi Forum Ingolstadt, there is no shortage of things to see. From the Audi Museum Mobile with its vintage Audi antiquities and the Audi Collection Store, to the Audi Exclusive Showroom and new car Delivery Center… one can even dine in style at the Avus Restaurant. For those in the know […] More…

Feature Car: New Line S-Line

by on 6 April 2009 in Feature Cars

05blakep a4 600x300 photo

We at Fourtitude are of the camp that believes a set of HRE Monoblok wheels raises any car’s attractiveness to the next power. In some cases, the right set can even boost it by a factor of three. The B8 A4 isn’t one of those cases. In fact, Audi’s latest, most beautiful A4 ever leaves […] More…

Feature Car: Audi R8 Blackbird

by on 23 February 2009 in Feature Cars

05blackbird r8 600x300 photo

If you don’t remember the SR-71 Blackbird, maybe you missed an important part of your youth. It should be filed somewhere in “badass” portion of your brain, right between the Shelby Cobra and your first Big Wheel. I had a poster of one plastered on my wall and another on display with my collection of […] More…

Feature Car: Stage-3 A3

by on 26 September 2008 in Feature Cars

05stage 3 a3 600x300 photo

When you understand the fact that A3 owner Andy Johnson works at the corporate headquarters of APR, it may not be hard to guess just how he might choose to outfit his daily driver. Having recently purchased this phantom-like black-on-black 2007 A3 2.0T, Johnson was looking for improvements and his employer was looking for a […] More…