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Project S7: Smiling Pretty for Si Gray’s Camera

by on 20 January 2015 in Project S7

project s7 600x300 photo

When last we left Project S7, the car was on a rapid path of evolution ahead of its showing at the 2014 SEMA Show. We covered a lot of ground in a short time, so we’re taking a breather with the build-up. In the meantime, the car’s been making rounds having its picture taken. More…

Project Audi S7: HRE Wheels, TiKore Titanium Bolts and Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

by on 4 November 2014 in Project S7

project s7 600x300 photo

SEMA Show week is finally here and as such we’re publishing the finale (for now) on our Project S7 as it received a complete makeover for this iconic show. This time around, we’re swapping out the wheels for a set of as-of-yet unseen HRE wheels, and also fitting them with lightweight TiKore titanium lug bolts […] More…

Project S7: Carbon Fiber Exterior Components

by on 31 October 2014 in Project S7

carbon fiber diet header 600x300 photo

Earlier this week, we laid the ground work for our “canvas” and discussed the vinyl upgrades via Vinyl Werkz and Hexis in the form of a new Matte Black Finish, Gloss Black “HRE” stripe and Gloss black window vinyl. Here is where we this amps up, teaming carbon fiber components from no less than four companies in order to make for one cohesive look. More…

Project S7: Recaro… for the Kids

by on 30 October 2014 in Project S7

recaro kids cover 600x300 photo

Time for a midweek shake up! After covering APR’s Stage II+ upgrade on Project S7 and the initial exterior cosmetic changes – we now come to child seats?!?!! That’s right. Child seats , or in this particular case the brand new Recaro Performance Denali Stroller and Coupe Infant carrier- for my son who is due […] More…

Project S7: Wrap & Vinyl Work, Round 2

by on 29 October 2014 in Project S7

project s7 vinyl cover 600x300 photo

The exterior appearance of a vehicle is a very personal thing. When our Project S7 went to SEMA last year, the car went with a Charcoal Matte Metallic wrap from Avery Denison. The beauty of a wrap is that it can be removed and replaced with relative ease, allowing us to completely change the look drastically for SEMA 2014 with minimal wear and tear on the car.

Project S7: Prepping for SEMA 2014 and APR Stage 2

by on 28 October 2014 in Project S7

project s7 apr 2 plus 600x300 photo

Today, we finalize Project S7 preparation for SEMA 2014 in just under a week with a few updates. First among them in our #SEMAprep are the fine folks at APR Tuned who have design one devilishly fast Stage 2+ power upgrade we’ve just added. More…

Project S7: Details of Detailing

by on 12 August 2014 in Project S7

project s7 cover 600x300 photo

From SEMA in Las Vegas to fitment runs to Austin, TX, our now matte grey Audi has been logging plenty of mileage. Nevertheless, it needs to look its best when called upon to do duty at shows like the aforementioned SEMA Show or more local events. Detailing is critical to keeping it clean, particularly with a vinyl wrap. More…

Project S7: APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade

by on 27 February 2014 in Project S7 Tech Procedures, FAQs & Installs

project s7 cover 600x300 photo

When is the last time you were on a large Boeing or Airbus airliner? Think back to that time. Think about boarding and taking your seat, pushing back from the gate and taxiing out to the runway for departure. More…

2013 SEMA Show Preview: Audi Perspective

by on 4 November 2013 in Events Coverage Project S7

sema s7 cover 600x300 photo

If you cast your eye in the direction of Las Vegas, you may catch the glint off of nearly every significant custom car built in the past year given today marks the opening of the SEMA Show. Though Audi has only displayed here once officially, that doesn’t keep very significant modified Ingolstadt alloy from showing up. More…

Project Audi S7: Avery Dennison Wrap, Tint & Vinyl Graphics

by on 1 November 2013 in Project S7

project s7 wrap cover 600x300 photo

There’s no doubt that reaction to matte finish cars can be polarized. Even still, when done right, matte looks fantastic and it is no surprise that you see many super car companies offering matte options and even Audi itself is now offering Matte Daytona Grey and Matte Sepang Blue on specific R and RS models. More…

Project Audi S7: New Shoes in Form of HRE P101 & Michelin Pilot Super Sports

by on 25 October 2013 in Project S7

project s7 cover 600x300 photo

As we ready for SEMA, we install a set of HRE Monoblock wheels shod with Michelin Pilot Super Sports on our project S7. More…

Project S7: Production Process of P101 Wheels from HRE

by on 10 October 2013 in Project S7

hre build cover 600x300 photo

As you may recall from our recent interview with HRE’s Patrick Moran, we ordered up a set of custom 21-inch wheels. The P101 is from the firm’s new monoblok line. And while we’ll have a full report with accompanying photo shoot of the wheels on our car, we thought we’d first focus on the production process for the tailoring of a set of alloys – an HRE specialty.