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Photographic: ‘Transporter Refueled’ Special Screening at Playboy Mansion

by on 28 August 2015 in PhotoGraphic

2015 Transporter Refueled Party Playboy Mansion 689 600x300 photo

Audi enthusiasts who are also movie buffs already know by now that a new installment in the Transporter franchise is about to hit theaters, and that the Audi S8 plays a starring role. Not surprisingly, Audi was present at a special early screening of the movie held this week at the Playboy Mansion. Audi A8 models […] More…

Audi Australia Launches First-Ever Snow Driving Experience at Mount Hotham

by on 28 August 2015 in Audi News

snow 600x300 photo

To celebrate a new partnership with Mount Hotham, Audi is launching the first Audi quattro snow driving experience in this country. More…

Timo Scheider Sidelined Post Red Bull Ring, Formula 3 Leader Steps In

by on 28 August 2015 in Motorsport

giovinazzi 600x300 photo

You may recall the controversial end to the last DTM round at Nurburgring where Timo Scheider was involved in pushing two Mercedes drivers off of the track. Whether or not it was intentional remains a point of contention, but Scheider has been sidelined and Audi will fill his seat with Antonio Giovinazzi. More…

Audi Considering Much Wider allroad Range (with Renderings by Theophilus Chin)

by on 28 August 2015 in Rumors, Renders & Spy Photos

4881824064 042e9e24df b 600x300 photo

When it was first launched, the allroad as a single model was Audi’s answer to the then beginning SUV craze. Today, that single model is now a range of two crossover-inspired Avants, though a rumor suggests the marque may be planning a much bigger range. More…

Audi at the IAA 2015: The Power of Four

by on 28 August 2015 in Audi News

iaa 2015 600x300 photo

Audi is once again displaying bold exhibition architecture at the IAA International Motor Show. In place of a traditional convention booth, a multimedia experience space invites visitors to discover Audi’s four key themes at the IAA 2015 with all of their senses: Audi Sport, quattro, Audi Technologies and Audi ultra. The company is therefore constructing a temporary building at the Frankfurt exhibition grounds. Placing the latest edition of Audi’s bestselling model in its center, the architectural showcase will provide spectacular staging for the new Audi A4. More…

André Lotterer, You’re Killing Us!

by on 27 August 2015 in Audi News

lotterer 600x300 photo

When you consider it, there are plenty of reasons to resent André Lotterer. Besides his massive talent as one of the fastest of Audi Sport’s R18 pilots, the guy’s got the looks and charm to make your girlfriend blush. He’s also got a garage full of cars to make you even more envious, and enough of a sense of humor to erode your disdain for his good fortune. More…

Carbon Fiber Trim for B7 Audi RS 4 from Carbon Works Berlin

by on 27 August 2015 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

Audi RS7 B7 Carbon Works Berlin 290 600x300 photo

The B7 RS 4 is one of those Audi RS-cars that came in the days before exterior carbon optics were a thing. Yes, you could have carbon beltline trim on the inside and that’s been the case from the very outset of RS-cars, but for accents on the outside you’ll have to turn to one of those carbon fiber specialists like Carbon Works Berlin. More…

New DSG / Automatic Shift Knob Pre-Order From Black Forest Industries

by on 27 August 2015 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

dsgs2header 600x300 photo

Just because your car doesn’t have a third pedal, doesn’t mean you should be stuck with some goofy shifter. Until now options were limited to OEM and other less than ideal choices for those with DSG / Automatic cars. Fortunately with Black Forest Industries’  proprietary design you can ditch your stock shifter and switch to […] More…

034Motorsport Releases Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Inserts for Audi Models

by on 27 August 2015 in Aftermarket & Tuner News

audi volkswagen dogbone mount inserts1 600x300 photo

034Motorsport is proud to announce the availability of a new line of Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Inserts for Audi vehicles, including the 8J/8p/8V Audi TT/A3/S3 (MQB)! These precision-machined inserts are designed to fill voids in the factory dogbone mount, and limit fore-aft movement of the engine and transmission under load, which in turn improves shift quality and power […] More…

Photo Gallery: Audi TTS, UK Spec


Photo Gallery: Audi RS 7, UK Spec


Successful First Half of the 2015 Audi Sport TT Cup

by on 26 August 2015 in Audi News

2015 Audi Sport TT Cup Norisring 544 600x300 photo

New Audi one-make cup thrills fans and VIP guest entrants Nicolaj Møller Madsen leads overall standings Successful assessment of the first half of the 2015 Audi Sport TT Cup: The new Audi one-make cup captivates thousands of fans at the race tracks and in live streaming with thrilling motorsport. The prominent guest entrants are enthusiastic […] More…