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Volkswagen Group of America Announces Port of Jacksonville, FL as Its Southeastern Port

by on 11 February 2015 in Industry News

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Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., today, joined Gov. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jim Boxold, state and local dignitaries, as well as AMPORTS, one of the largest auto processors in North America, to announce the Port of Jacksonville, Fla. (JAXPORT) as VWGoA’s Southeastern U.S. port. Factory-new Volkswagen, Audi and Bentley vehicles will be imported and distributed through the port. VWGoA plans on transporting 100,000 cars within one year, and approximately 550,000 units in the next five years through JAXPORT. More…

NVIDIA Launches Tegra X1 Mobile Super Chip at CES 2015

by on 5 January 2015 in Industry News

NVIDIA Tegra X1 600x300 photo

Though it may not have four wheels and go down the road like stink, the announcement of the new X1 super processor from NVIDIA at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show is still very significant to Audi enthusiasts. More powerful than the fastest computers in the world back in 2000, this new chip will likely find a home in future Audi products thanks to the close cooperation between NVIDIA and Audi. More…

Go Park Yourself: NVIDIA DRIVE PX Applied to Parking

by on 5 January 2015 in Industry News

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Here’s how to make an entrance: Step out of your car. Pull out your phone. Then press a button to tell the car “Go Park Yourself.” That’s the vision of the future presented in the first public demo Sunday of NVIDIA DRIVE PX by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, kicking off the International Consumer Electronics Show. […] More…

Audi AG Electronics Development Boss Ricky Hudi Speaks at NVIDIA’s CES Press Conference

by on 5 January 2015 in Industry News

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Digital technology is a core tenet of the Audi’s Vorsprung durch Technik mantra. Audi has been forward thinking on this, which is why Audi’s electronics technology chief Ricky Hudi was a guest speaker at the NVIDIA press conference at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Powered by Tegra X1, DRIVE PX Auto-Pilot and DRIVE CX Cockpit Computers Deliver Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Unprecedented Graphics in Cars

by on 5 January 2015 in Industry News

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As a major technology partner to Audi, any automotive release from NVIDIA is highly relevant to covering the Audi world. At CES this week, NVIDIA launched a new infotainment hardware platform DRIVE CX and piloted driving with the DRIVE PX. Each are powered by NVIDIA’s new Tegra X1 chip. More…

Will Höegh Osaka Car Carrier Ship Beached on Bramble Bank Effect Your Incoming Audi?

by on 4 January 2015 in Industry News

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The huge auto liner cargo ship Höegh Osaka has beached itself on the Bramble Bank, a legendary sandbar near Portsmouth and the Isle of Wright in England. The ship became grounded and started to list last night at 9:20 AM. The ship’s crew of 25 was saved overnight, but the ship remains effectively beached and listing at a 45-degree angle. There’s been no mention of what vehicles may have been in transit on the ship, but its stranded state begs some questions. More…

UK Print Magazine ‘Audi Tuner’ Readies for January Launch

by on 16 December 2014 in Industry News

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Heads up print magazine fans, there is a new Audi-focused tuning magazine prepping to launch in the UK. Audi Tuner magazine has recently announced it’ll go on sale on January 8th, announced subscription information and released its first cover (below).

1.8 TFSI Engine Named to “2015 Ward’s 10 Best Engines” List

by on 10 December 2014 in Industry News

Audi A3 sedan MQB 18 TFSI Australia698 600x300 photo

WardsAuto Announced today that the 1.8-liter TFSI engine offered in the Audi A3 has found a place on its exclusive “10 Best Engines” list. More…

Volkswagen Group to Invest in New Products, Innovative Technologies and Global Presence

by on 27 November 2014 in Industry News

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The Volkswagen Group will invest a total of EUR 85.6 billion in new models, innovative technologies and its global presence in its Automotive Division over the coming five years. Around two-thirds of the total investment amount will flow into increasingly efficient vehicles, drives and more environmentally friendly production. This is the result of the Group’s investment planning for 2015 to 2019 discussed by the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft at its meeting on Friday. “We will continue to invest in the future to become the leading automotive group in both ecological and economic terms – with the best and most sustainable products”, said Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, in Wolfsburg. “Development costs will remain high in the future as a result of high innovation pressure and increasing demands on the automotive industry from CO2 legislation. As a Group, we have the expertise and financial strength to continue to extend our technology leadership and to reach our goals for 2018.” More…

Mobil 1 and Abt Sportsline Continue Global Alliance

by on 24 November 2014 in Aftermarket & Tuner News Industry News

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Mobil 1™integrated into the ABT Sportsline intelligent tuning process as part of the ABT “All-In-One-Set” approach to tuning All engines upgraded in Kempten, Bavaria, are filled exclusively with Mobil 1™and recommended for all subsequent service fills Mobil 1™chosen by ABT to help them deliver excellent engine protection LONDON, UK — ABT Sportsline, the world’s largest […] More…

Facebook Co-Founder Leads $14M Funding Round for Audi-Renting Silvercar

by on 9 October 2014 in Industry News

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As co-founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin has already reached billionaire status. What to do next? It seems the answer airport car rental firm SilverCar, the very same that will rent you any car you want so long as it is a silver Audi A4 sedan. Forbes is reporting that Saverin and his investment firm Velos Partners has led a $14 million Series B round of investment in the Austin, TX-based car rental company. More…

Why this Ducati-Powered Mid-Engine Volkswagen Should Spawn an Audi

by on 7 October 2014 in Events News Industry News

Volkswagen XL Sport 634 600x300 photo

It was perhaps not the best kept secret that Volkswagen planned a more sporting variant of its ultra-lightweight and ultra-efficient XL1 model. With the XL1, Volkswagen managed the fabled 1-Liter of consumption for 100 KM travelled, but this mid-engine carbon fiber chassis car was designed to be super frugal and thus far from sporting. Then […] More…