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The EU May Have Known of Diesel Manipulation Before the TDI Scandal Broke

by on 20 October 2016 in Fourtitude News Industry News

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A new report from the Financial Times suggests that European Union officials were aware of emissions trickery before VW’s TDI scandal broke. In the report, an EU spokesperson tells the Financial Times that transportation officials from all European nations were made aware of emissions manipulation as early as 2012. The report cites an email in […] More…

Germany Looks to Ban Internal Combustion Engine by 2030

by on 13 October 2016 in Fourtitude News Industry News

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The German government is looking to ban the internal combustion engine by 2030. A resolution has passed in Germany’s Bundesrat, the federal council of all 16 German states, that will ban the sale of internal combustion engines in the European Union by 2030. According to the resolution, only zero-emissions vehicles will be allowed to be […] More…

Federal Government Considering New Powers to Regulate Self-Driving Cars

by on 20 September 2016 in Fourtitude News Industry News

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The federal government doesn’t want to leave the issue of autonomous vehicle safety for states to decide, and may create new powers of oversight and approval for autonomous technology. After president Barack Obama laid out his goals for the industry in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette op-ed yesterday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a set […] More…

Here’s the Modern Safety Feature Motorists Hate the Most

by on 30 August 2016 in Fourtitude News Industry News

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Passenger vehicles have never been safer, with a bevy of high-tech aids available to keep nervous motorists safe, and feeling safe. However, one safety feature, found on an increasing number of new vehicles, has all the popularity of Chrysler’s grating Electronic Voice Alert of the 1980s. We’re talking about the lane-departure warning. According to Automotive News, motorists […] More…

Are We Headed Towards a High-Octane Future? The EPA Thinks So

by on 29 August 2016 in Fourtitude News Industry News

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Low-octane gasoline. It was great for the detuned boat anchors found under the hoods of 1970s Malaise-era barges, because you weren’t having fun, anyway. The future of gasoline-powered vehicles is all about high-compression engines and ever-stricter environmental regulations, meaning gasoline with higher octane than today’s pumps can provide could be on the horizon. In an interview with […] More…

Audi Supplier Defrauded of $45 Million

by on 16 August 2016 in Fourtitude News Industry News

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One of the world’s largest OEM parts suppliers, Leoni, announced today in a statement that they have been defrauded of roughly 40 million euros ($45 million). The company supplies automakers like Audi and VW with wiring systems, such as wiring harnesses and fuse boxes. The company wrote in its statement that it had “become the […] More…

Volkswagen AG, CARB to Begin Testing Possible Diesel Fix

by on 2 August 2016 in Audi News Fourtitude News Industry News

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Reuters reports that Volkswagen and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) plans to test hardware and software that could help the German automaker avoid buying back nearly half-a-million vehicles in the U.S. According to Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols, the agency is working with Volkswagen to test potential fixes that would apply to three generations of […] More…

Audi A6 Earns JD Power APEAL Award

by on 27 July 2016 in Audi News Fourtitude News Industry News

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JD Power has released the findings of its annual APEAL study and the Audi A6 is among the segment winners. Short for Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study, the study looks at what cars are the most appealing to owners. The study confirms that, among other things, safety features are some of the most appealing […] More…

Audi’s New Strategy to Focus on Electric Cars, Mobility Services

by on 19 July 2016 in Audi News Industry News

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Audi will be rolling out a new strategy on Wednesday which will focus the company’s efforts on building more electric vehicles as well as creating an on-demand premium mobility service for the automaker to profit from directly. According to a report by Reuters, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler will outline the new business plan to more than 2,000 managers at […] More…

Volkswagen AG to Pay California Another $86 Million

by on 7 July 2016 in Fourtitude News Industry News

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Volkswagen AG will pay an additional $86 million in civil penalties to California because of the emissions scandal, reports Reuters. The new fine was revealed in a statement from state Attorney General Kamala Harris. The fine resolves certain claims California officials made against VW under state and federal unfair competition laws. “We must conserve and […] More…

Audi Wins Digital Economy Award

by on 6 July 2016 in Fourtitude News Industry News

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Thanks to its advanced production processes, Audi took first place in the Company 4.0 category at the Digital Economy Awards in Bonn last night. The award was presented by Initiative Deutschland Digital, an inter-industry network that celebrates the digital transformation of the German economy. These were the first Digital Economy Awards, but Audi’s maxim of […] More…

Audi Expects Q2 to Spark Rival Models

by on 28 June 2016 in Audi News Industry News

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Audi is out to create a new niche segment with the upcoming Q2 compact SUV. But it doesn’t expect the new model be alone in the market for long. According to a report in British motoring magazine Autocar, the German premium brand believes its rivals are working on competing models – and will bring those to […] More…