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Aventador Replacement to Retain Naturally Aspirated V12

by on 27 January 2017 in Fourtitude News Lamborghini News

Lamborghini Aventador LP 750 4 Superveloce 5052 600x300 photo

The mad scientists at Lamborghini are in no hurry to turbocharge the V12, according to Lambo boss Stefano Domenicali. Like Luke Skywalker, the Aventador and its successor will fight the good fight with their breathing unassisted. With the industry (read: Ferrari) moving increasingly towards Darth Vader-like turbocharging, there were fears that Lamborghini, standard bearer of […] More…

Huracan Performante Will Outperformante the Aventador SV

by on 25 January 2017 in Fourtitude News Lamborghini News

Lambo Huracán Superleggera October 4 600x300 photo

We’ve been talking about the upcoming Lamborghini Huracan Performante a lot over the past few months, and though we knew it would be quick, we didn’t fully appreciate the speed that was coming. The new baby Lambo will be faster than its big brother, the 12-cylinder, 740 hp Aventador SV. That’s according to Lamborghini’s R&D […] More…

Lambo Driver Goes Miles to Avoid Making Own Cup of Coffee

by on 23 January 2017 in Fourtitude News Lamborghini News Video

miura 600x300 photo

Imagine, if you will, that you were Italian, lived near a mountain, and were in possession of a Lamborghini Miura. Would you take any, even the flimsiest, excuse to drive it? This guy certainly did. And now it’s an excuse to watch gratuitous shots of a beautiful car in a beautiful place. Lamborghini ft. COOPER […] More…

Audi Empire Strong with Positive Sales for Italian Brands

by on 16 January 2017 in Ducati News Fourtitude News Lamborghini News

huracan colors 600x300 photo

Audi’s two Italian brands, Lamborghini and Ducati, performed well in 2016, with both exceeding the previous year’s sales, and Lamborghini seeing its best sales year ever. Lamborghini’s sales bump came from all over the world. The brand had record sales in in all major regions, leading to a 7% bump in sales overall. That amounts […] More…

Watch: The Story of a $2.5 Million Barn Find Miura

by on 16 January 2017 in Fourtitude News Lamborghini News Video

miura like new 600x300 photo

We’ve all dreamed of finding a rare or ridiculous car in a barn, but the truth is that even you find one, it takes a certain kind of person to do the right thing with it. It takes a person like Jeff, who found a ’69 Miura rotting away in a garage and decided not […] More…

Watch this Guy Ruin his Seat, but Not his Lambo

by on 6 January 2017 in Fourtitude News Lamborghini News Video

lambo save 600x300 photo

I think it’s safe to say that for any of us, not crashing a Lamborghini—implying that we’re driving a Lamborghini at all—would qualify as a pretty good moment. But when that non-event is immediately preceded by the near certainty of a crash, it qualifies as more. As Churchill said, “nothing in life is so exhilarating […] More…

Ran When Parked: The Prince of UAE’s 1994 Lamborghini Diablo SE30

by on 3 January 2017 in Fourtitude News Lamborghini News

s l1600 600x300 photo

Craigslist and eBay sellers are often known for their cheek and/or optimism, but this British seller is taking things to a new level with this 1994 rolling shell Lamborghini Diablo. Now, rolling shells can get pretty ridiculous. A 69 Charger with nothing more than wheels can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but this Diablo […] More…

Lamborghini Miura Goes Back to Stud at Miura Farms

by on 22 December 2016 in Fourtitude News Lamborghini News

miura1 600x300 photo

The first Lamborghini Miuras rolled off the line in 1966 and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original supercar, Lamborghini decided to visit the car’s namesake farm. It’s no secret that Ferrucio Lamborghini, like Hemingway, was a fan of bull fighting and as such named his V12 beast after the famous Miura Cattle Ranch […] More…

Watch: All the Ways in Which the Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 is Like a Handful of Skittles

by on 20 December 2016 in Fourtitude News Lamborghini News Video

lambo 600x300 photo

How is a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 like Skittles? Well, Motor Trend’s Jason Cammisa argues that both are unnecessary, both are bad for your health, and both are delicious. More to the point, though, neither is made to be nutritionally relevant—that’s to say, candy isn’t really food in the same way that Lambos aren’t really […] More…

Lamborghini Aventador S Arrives Just In Time to Make Our Wishlists

by on 19 December 2016 in Fourtitude News Lamborghini News Rumors, Renders & Spy Photos

457867 600x300 photo

In a big holiday twist (not to be outdone by Ferrari’s surprise debut last week) the Lamborghini Aventador S has just debuted. Many were expecting this version of Lamborghini’s V12 supercar to debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show, but the Italian exotic automaker was likely in the holiday spirit and wanted to end this year on […] More…

This is Not a Lamborghini Urus, But it Plays One on the Internet

by on 16 December 2016 in Fourtitude News Lamborghini News

FB IMG 1481892036629 600x300 photo

A photo of a mysterious SUV wrapped in Lamborghini camouflage and rocking “Lamborghini” tape (how much do you want a roll of that in your stocking?) has been making the rounds of the internet after Top Gear’s Rowan Horncastle tweeted the picture from the Munich airport. As a result, the internet has been abuzz speculating […] More…

Watch: Taiwan Publicly Crushes Illegally Imported Lamborghini

by on 14 December 2016 in Fourtitude News Lamborghini News Video

unmaking lambo 600x300 photo

Don’t mess with Taiwan, apparently. Importing a car illegally may sound tempting, especially when you have the money to import something as impressive as a Lamborghini Murcielago, but you’d be better off just leaving it abroad if you live in Taiwan. That’s what one owner found out to their cost, because not only was their […] More…