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R8 Engine Finds New Home in Italdesign Supercar

by on 22 February 2017 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News

PR FRONT4 600x300 photo

Giorgietto Giugiaro’s design house, Italdesign has decided to try its hand at selling supercars. With a V10 engine borrowed from its parent company, Audi, the new “Ultra Low Series Cars” will be the Italian company’s vision of the ultimate road car, is a sentence that improves with every word. Italdesign has been responsible for some […] More…

New Bentley Continental Styling Revealed as Prototypes Drop Camo

by on 15 February 2017 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News

Bentley Continental GT 3 600x300 photo

Spy photographers have caught the next Bentley Continental GT and GT Convertible models testing. The coupe prototype has dropped some camouflage since the last time we’ve seen it, but Bentley is still being shy about its headlight design. It does appear, however, that both models will draw inspiration from the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept, with […] More…

Watch: The Bugatti Chiron Redefines the Hypercar

by on 13 February 2017 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News Video

chiron 600x300 photo

Although it was widely publicized as the fastest production ever when it launched, the Bugatti Veyron was never really held in as high esteem as other hypercars. It might be because of its focus on luxury or its clientele, most of whom were more interested in frequenting areas with high property values rather than racetracks, […] More…

Take a Look Inside the Gorgeous Factory Where the Bugatti Chiron is Built

by on 7 February 2017 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News

Bugatti Molsheim Factory2 600x300 photo

Bugatti has released a set of photos taking us inside its Molsheim, France factory where its all-new Chiron is being built.  Right now, 12 of the new super sports cars are in production, with a total of 70 cars planned for this year. In total, Bugatti plans to build 500 of these cars, though production […] More…

DMC Injects The Bentley Bentayga With An Extra 100 Horsepower

by on 30 January 2017 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News

DMC Bentley Bentayga 01 600x300 photo

The Bentley Bentayga is indisputably the world’s fastest and most powerful SUV, however German exotic and luxury car tuner DMC felt the need to go ahead and inject it with an additional 100 horsepower anyway. DMC has dubbed its take on Bentley’s first-ever SUV the ‘Bentayga Gigante’, with the latter half of that nameplate likely […] More…

All Future Bentleys Will Offer Plug-in Hybrid Option

by on 17 January 2017 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News

Supersports static 01 600x300 photo

Bentley says plug-in hybrid drivetrains make the most sense for its elite-class customer base – enough to offer them as an option for all its ultra-luxury vehicles. Speaking last week at Automotive News World Congress, held in Detroit in conjunction with the auto show, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Durheimer said that all Bentley models will have […] More…

2017 Continental Supersports is the Most Powerful Bentley Ever

by on 6 January 2017 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News

Supersports static 01 600x300 photo

Bentley has once again upped the ante, building its fastest and most powerful production model ever, the Continental Supersports.  The car will hit a top speed of 209 mph (336 km/h) and will make the jump to 60 mph from a standstill in 3.4 seconds, making it the world’s fastest and most powerful luxury four-seat […] More…

Bentley Teases Us with its Most Extreme Car Ever

by on 5 January 2017 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News

bentley 600x300 photo

We tend not to cover Bentley all that much here at Fourtitude, because—frankly—we aren’t all that interested. But sometimes the brand does catch our eye. As was the case today, when, on Twitter, they teased “the most extreme Bentley ever.” The most extreme Bentley ever… is coming. — Bentley Motors (@BentleyMotors) January 3, 2017 […] More…

The Last Bugatti Veyron SS is For Sale

by on 13 December 2016 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News

use9 600x300 photo

RM Sotheby’s is starting the new year off right, offering you the chance to own the very last Bugatti Veyron Super Sport ever produced. This Veyron SS, serial number three hundred (it’s fancier when you spell it out, just ask my neighbors) will cross the the auction block next month and is expected to take […] More…

Bugatti Chiron Crashes in Wolfsburg

by on 28 November 2016 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News

2w993qhighc0.bild  600x300 photo

Some poor German is having a very bad day. While any car accident would spoil your day, this one, involving a ditch and a multi-million dollar Bugatti Chiron, is especially bad. Pictures of the crashed Bugatti first appeared on’s Facebook page, but a spokesperson for the brand later confirmed to Germany’s Bild newspaper that inattention […] More…

Bugatti Actually Used a Veyron for its Chiron Promotional Video

by on 17 August 2016 in Boutique Brands Fourtitude News

chiron 600x300 photo

When it came time to make a promotional video for the Bugatti Chiron, the French automaker had one problem. Bugatti didn’t actually have a Chiron to use for its video, so instead, it turned to what it did have: a Veyron. The minds at the SLGH production studio were able to create a fake CG version […] More…

KTM Releases Limited Edition X-BOW GT Black Edition

by on 8 March 2016 in Boutique Brands

xbow 960 600x300 photo

– Just five units of the exclusively equipped small series production model to be built – With the KTM X-BOW GT “BLACK EDITION” “fully carbon” is more than a catch phrase – Despite its exclusive nature, the limited model even offers a price advantage of € 10,000 The Geneva International Motor Show, which presents many […] More…