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Find of the Day: 1968 Audi Super 90

posted by on 18 July 2014 in In Market

super90 600x300 photo

Here is a rare Audi for sale if ever we’ve seen one. It’s a 1968 Super 90, one of just eight right hand drive known to exist according to the seller.

Find of the Day: Purple Audi B7 S4 Avant with RS 4 Widebody Conversion

posted by on 17 July 2014 in In Market

purple b7 rsfaux avant 600x300 photo

Cool looking modified car with tarmac-scraping ride height and no asking price. Seems like the making of either one hell of a Find of the Day or perhaps just fodder for debate. Either way, we wanted to bring your attention to this purple Audi B7 Avant – a car that began life as an S4 but now sports RS 4 bodywork. More…

Find of the Day: 2011 Audi A6 Avant 3.0 TFSI S line at Audi Stevens Creek in CA

posted by on 16 July 2014 in In Market

black a6 avant 600x300 photo

Heads up to the Avant fiends amongst us. There’s a desirable color combination A6 S line with 3.0 TFSI supercharged engine that has come up for sale on the west coast. It’s a black/black example at Audi Stevens Creek in San Jose, CA to be precise. More…

Find of the Day: Audi A4 R13 DTM

posted by on 12 June 2014 in In Market

a4r13dtm056JppFCNg 600x300 photo

All this Le Mans excitement has us wondering what type of race car the average joe could theoretically purchase with the right funds.  With that in mind, this author has been pounding the various race car marketplace websites for some of the more exciting race car finds.  While today’s Find of the Day could not […] More…

Find of the Day: Audi S4 Avant with RS 4 Widebody

posted by on 6 June 2014 in In Market

0181 600x300 photo

With the RS 2 nearing the 25 year rule for full US importation, and the B5 RS 4 already on an eligibility list for legal importation due to its similarities to the A4 and S4 of that era, we are always looking into the current state of the RS 4-look S4 marketplace.  Luckily for us, […] More…

Find of the Day: Riviera Blue Audi RS 4 at Stafford Audi

posted by on 3 June 2014 in Audi News In Market

RS4 riviera 600x300 photo

There is just something special about the brighter shades in Porsche’s palette.  Today’s Find of the Day comes to us in the form of an Audi RS 4 from Stafford Audi in one such Porsche color- Riviera Blue.  The Stafford, England Audi dealer has fully embraced the Audi exclusive concept, often keeping exclusive cars on their lot.  Their […] More…

Find of the Day: Ex-Paul Walker Audi RS 6 Avant

posted by on 15 May 2014 in In Market

paul walker rs6 376 600x300 photo

It’s no secret that during his lifetime, Paul Walker was a huge car enthusiast.  From his roles in the Fast and Furious films to his association with Always Evolving Performance, Paul’s life was largely shaped by the cars he loved.  One such car that Paul somewhat famously owned was this Audi RS 6 Avant, which […] More…

Audi RS 7 Blue Comparison: Nogaro vs. Estoril vs. Sepang

posted by on 9 May 2014 in Audi Exclusive In Market

Three Blue RS7s Audi Exchange 600x300 photo

Now Zach Hansen at the Audi Exchange is just rubbing it in. Earlier today, we ran a photo set by Hansen whereby he shot the Audi Exclusive RS 7 in Nogaro Blue that had been added to dealer stock at the Audi Exchange and then very quickly sold. Zach followed that up by moving that RS 7 and two others into the dealership’s service bay in an effort to consider a comparison.

Find of the Day: Custom Colored Audi A6… Nogaro Pink?

posted by on 7 May 2014 in In Market

pink a6 600x300 photo

Audi is known for tailoring a paint job here or there. The Audi Exclusive brand is applied to custom-colored four-ringers built that way from the factory. Then there are the cars that are custom painted by their owners. That’s about where we find our latest find of the day, a 2000 Audi A6 2.7T quattro from Houston Texas. More…

Find of the Day: Audi Exclusive Verdant Green A6 TDI Prestige at Audi Marin

posted by on 29 April 2014 in In Market

01515 hBFZieAv5F2 600x4501 600x300 photo

We’ve been known to geek out over Audi Exclusive cars in the past.  The ability to order colors and interiors that are otherwise not available really appeals to our creative side, so naturally when an Audi Exclusive car pops up we tend to gravitate towards it.  Such is the case with today’s Find of the […] More…

Find of the Day: Audi S4 Avant with RS 4 Widebody

posted by on 28 April 2014 in In Market

IMG 7698 600x300 photo

It’s relatively common for people to lose interest in a project car.  Things happen, priorities change, and it’s time to move on.  Most of the time, this happens relatively early on in the process. The car is put up for sale in the form of a bare shell, covered in primer with a few boxes […] More…

Find of the Day: Audi Sport quattro

posted by on 25 April 2014 in In Market

img 5041 5 600x300 photo

Editor’s note: This Find of the Day was originally posted by our friends at Kilometer Magazine, and has been reposted with their permission. For old school fans of the brand, the legendary Audi Sport quattro undoubtedly reigns supreme over the pantheon of amazing cars that have come out of Ingolstadt over the years. It’s got it […] More…