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Find of the Day: 1997 Audi S6 plus Avant

by on 1 September 2015 in In Market

2014 carlisle import audi mechanicsburg breakfast 383 600x300 photo

One of our favorite types of Audi to put in our ‘Find of the Day’ series is the incredibly rare variety. One of only one imported into the USA likely qualifies and in as much, we’d like to introduce you to this 1997 Audi S6 plus. Based on the C4 chassis, the S6 plus was […] More…

Find of the Day: Audi Exclusive Riviera Blue TT RS Coupe Near Philadelphia

by on 26 August 2015 in Audi Exclusive In Market

00303 eZHVOCBDQSU 600x450 600x300 photo

Today’s Find of the Day is likely to stir more than a few hearts amongst the readers of these pages. The car itself is a tastefully upgraded TT RS, and it’s even more rare and appealing with Audi Exclusive paint believed to be Riviera Blue. More…

Find of the Day or Heartbreaker? Custom Audi A8L

by on 24 August 2015 in In Market

crazy8 600x300 photo

Here’s the thing about the Audi A8. It is a player in the world of big luxury Q-ships. These cars represent the best-of-the-best when new, and get exposed to perhaps the most ostentatious modifications as they get old. Case in point is this A8L from Detroit. More…

Find of the Day: Gold A8 with Body Kit Sure to Raise Eyebrows

by on 21 August 2015 in In Market

gold a8 600x300 photo

Today’s entry in our Find of the Day series is a bit different than the usual historic find, surprising survivor or universally lustworthy performance model. Today’s car is undoubtably polarizing and sure to be the cause for plenty of conversation. More…

Find of the Day: APR Stage 3 TT RS

by on 13 August 2015 in In Market

FOTD ttrs 600x300 photo

All this talk of TT RS’s has got us dreaming.  Taking the relatively tame second generation TT and stuffing the perfect number of cylinders beneath it’s bonnet (that’d be 5), Quattro GmbH created what just might be the most true-to-formula RS car in quite some time.  Add in that it could chase down an R8 […] More…

Find of the Day: Chris Harris’s 2009 Audi S4 Avant

by on 31 July 2015 in In Market

chs4 600x300 photo

When it comes to used car purchases, it’s best to know as much as possible before pulling the trigger.  But sometimes, it’s possible to know just a bit too much about a perspective buy, as today’s Find of the Day proves. Yes, this S4 is currently owned by a Mr. Chris Harris, perhaps known best […] More…

56K Mile Audi ur quattro and Rare DKW Coupe Head to Auctions America California Sale

by on 17 July 2015 in Events News In Market Vintage & Youngtimer News

2015 Auctions America California Sale 1983 Audi ur quattro 293 600x300 photo

Audi collectors should take note. Auctions America is conducting their California Sale this week, including sale of an iconic ur quattro and a rare DKW. Nearly 300 collector sales are being sold from July 17-18, most notably these two four-ringers.

First Pics: Audi Q7 Sport editions at Audi North Houston

by on 15 July 2015 in Audi News In Market

Audi Q7 S line Sport Edition USA AJ Brivic 383 600x300 photo

Yesterday we published a first list of details sent to us by a dealer source of the new Q7 S line Sport edition. Today, we’ve got our first photos of this special edition thanks to AJ Brivic, an Audi Brand Specialist at Audi North Houston. More…

Find of the Day: Just Something about a Samoa R8 GT

by on 13 July 2015 in In Market

2012 Audi R8 GT Samoa Orange 8 1024658 600x300 photo

There’s just something about a Samoa Orange R8 GT. The color, internet famous since it debuted, began as one of those available specifically on the GT. The car, bedecked with matte carbon, unique wheels, wings and winglets, may just be one of our favorites of the R8 lineage. So, when we find a used one on the market, well… it’s worth running as a Find of the Day. More…

Find of the Day: Name that Brown on this Audi Exclusive S5 at CarMax

by on 7 July 2015 in Audi Exclusive In Market

Audi Exclusive S5 Brown CarMax 343 600x300 photo

CarMax is at it again. Not long ago we located a Nogaro Blue TT RS in their inventory (still there BTW), and today we find another interesting car. This time around, it’s a black optic S5 and it is in a rather unique shade of brown.

Find of the Day: Audi Exclusive Nogaro Blue 2013 TT RS at CarMax

by on 19 June 2015 in Audi Exclusive In Market

Audi Exclusive TT RS Nogaro Blue CarMax 370 600x300 photo

Amongst our staff, CarMax finds are a bit of a sport. The nationwide used car superstore is all about moving masses of cars at no-dicker prices. Given that, it the CarMax system is in place to mainly move volume cars. The likes of beige Toyota Camrys are what you’d first think of, but the system is not immune to 1of1 specialty cars. Take this Audi Exclusive TT RS specially built in what looks like Nogaro Blue.

Find of the Day: Neiman Marcus Edition Audi TT

by on 10 June 2015 in In Market

neiman tt 600x300 photo

Each year, Neiman Marcus chooses a vehicle to make available in their catalog, usually done with some special touches and offered in very limited quantities.  Surprisingly enough, people actually do purchase vehicles from the apparel retailer each year, and although not quite as sought-after as some factory models, the cars are still quite special. In […] More…