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Find of the Day: 1974 Audi Fox 2-Door, ’74 4-door and a VW

by on 19 March 2015 in In Market

fox fotd 600x300 photo

When it comes to the Audi Fox (B1 Audi 80 to Europe), the earliest type 80 body style with its single round headlights is stylistically the purest and the coolest. Finding examples of any Fox nowadays isn’t terribly easy, and finding examples of the early cars is simply rare. So, what if you find two? […] More…

Find of the Day: 2014 Audi R8 LMS on

by on 18 March 2015 in In Market

for sale r8 lms 600x300 photo

It’s not every day you’re perusing and you come across an Audi R8 LMS. Yes, these GT3 cars are plentiful enough to be coming up as available on the market and yes we even see them in the USA from time to time, but… pretty cool. More…

1985 Audi Sport quattro and 1982 Group B Rally quattro Offered by Bonhams

by on 12 March 2015 in In Market Vintage & Youngtimer News

1982 Audi quattro A1 Group B Rally Car Mikkola 2015 Bonhams Goodwood Members Meeting Auction 429 600x300 photo

A duo of phenomenally fast 1980s Audi Quattros are offered at Bonhams inaugural Members’ Meeting Sale, taking place 21 March at Goodwood, Chichester in England. More…

Find of the Day: Audi RS 6 V10 Biturbo Long Block in California

by on 10 March 2015 in In Market

audi rs6 c6 001 600x300 photo

If you like engine swaps then you’re going to love our latest Find of the Day. It’s not a car, just an engine, but good lord what an engine. It is, in fact, a V10 Biturbo from the C6 RS 6.

Find of the Day: Sport quattro in New York State

by on 9 March 2015 in In Market Vintage & Youngtimer News

sport quattro 600x300 photo

When last we left Audi Sport quattro prices in North America, we were amazed that white example going across the auction block in Arizona had crested $400,000 US when it finally sold. Given this jump, it is perhaps not a surprise that another would turn up for sale stateside, this time in New York.

Find of the Day: 1954 Auto Union DKW Michaux Spider Prototype

by on 26 February 2015 in In Market Vintage & Youngtimer News

1954 DKW Auto Union Michaux Spider 1954 409 600x300 photo

For today’s find of the day, we’re turning to Europe where one reader has alerted us to an incredibly unique 1950s era Auto Union – DKW based sportscar we’re dubbing the Micheaux Spider. It appears to be one of a kind and is currently for sale at The Stolze Collection in the Netherlands.

Find of the Day: Rare and Low Mileage 1991 Audi 200 Turbo quattro 20-valve Avant

by on 23 February 2015 in In Market Vintage & Youngtimer News

1991 Audi 200 Turbo quattro Avant 20v FOTD 385 600x300 photo

Cars like the ur quattro and Sport quattro are the post war era icons most representative of the Audi brand. As collectibles, they command a hefty sum. Less known but still incredibly sought after by enthusiasts are cars like the 1991 Audi 200 Turbo quattro, preferably in sedan form like this two-owner 52,000 mile example we’ve found for sale in Connecticut.

Pristine Audi Ur quattro on Ebay Suggests “Highschool Rule” Applies to the Ur

by on 23 February 2015 in In Market

2008 audi s5 1985 audi quattro compared 033 600x300 photo

Friday night we found a very clean 56,00o mile 1983 ur quattro on Ebay. It was the right color (red) and the only modifications that appeared to be on the car were ones that made it look more European, including glass e-code aero headlights, small bumpers with foglight, and Ronal wheels with a stepped lip. […] More…

Find of the Day: 227 Mile “Used” Audi S3 Premium Plus for $43,900

by on 20 February 2015 in In Market

2014 NAIAS Detroit Audi 1161 600x300 photo

Used cars come in all sorts of varying conditions, though a barely used car is a pretty rare occurrence. Even still, used is used, so the depreciation comes into play regardless. Find a car barely used, like this 227 mile Audi S3, and you can likely get yourself a real bargain. Interestingly, this 2015 Sepang […] More…

Find of the Day: $75,000 Nogaro Blue B5 RS 4 Avant Legally in the USA.

by on 18 February 2015 in In Market

rs4 fotd 600x300 photo

There’s no doubt that the B5 Audi RS 4 Avant is top shelf when it comes to desirability amongst enthusiasts. That it can be imported legally (not very easily), makes it even more desirable since several have been brought stateside. What you see here is one of those examples, listed this week on Craigslist’s Denver page for the sum of $75,000.

Find of the Day: $3500 Audi S4 Avant B6. Comes with Snow Pile

by on 11 February 2015 in In Market

fotd snow edition 600x300 photo

We’re not sure whether to LOL today’s find of the day or get on the Acela to Boston and pick up one hell of a winter beater. On the upside, the car is a V8-powered B6 S4 Avant with manual transmission costing just $3500. On the down side, it’s got 189,000 miles and we can’t really judge its condition because the photos were taken since Boston entered its most recent ice age.

Find of the Day: Ex-Team Phoenix Audi R8 LMS Ultra

by on 10 February 2015 in In Market

2014 Blancpain Sprint Series Nogaro 600x300 photo

Want to hang up the Xbox controller in favor of getting in on one of the GT3-spec race series happening this year, you know, in real life?  You’re in luck, because Team Phoenix is currently offering two different R8 LMS Ultra race cars that were actively campaigned- one 2014 chassis, and one assumedly more reasonably […] More…