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/DRIVE Launches Multi-Episode Series “Inside quattro GmbH”

posted by on 15 January 2014 in Video Vintage & Youngtimer News

drive header 600x300 photo

If you haven’t yet heard of the /DRIVE channel on YouTube, you should get out more. Likely you have though and likely you’re a fan of their work. We know we almost always are, and are totally keyed in to a new series launched today called “Inside quattro GmbH”.

Audi ur quattro 20V Now Eligible for Importation to USA + 80 Sport Edition & More.

posted by on 3 January 2014 in Vintage & Youngtimer News

audi ur quattro type 85 uk 004 600x300 photo

When it comes to European or Japanese car enthusiasts, the grass is always greener on the other side of the ocean. The unspoken rule of car production is that the home market always gets more selection, especially the “good stuff” that never really made a business case for exportation to the USA. Audi is very much a brand that fits this mould and so there are many niche performance models wearing the four rings that American buyers can figuratively look at but can’t touch… that is… until they’re 25 years old.

Muscavite’s 1938 DKW NZ350 Build May Be Our Favorite “Chopper”

posted by on 19 December 2013 in Vintage & Youngtimer News

dkw pipeburn 600x300 photo

Flip through cable channels on any given weekend and you may be as perplexed as we are to the size of the market for highly custom-built choppers and motorcycles… or at the very least the appetite for so-called reality shows cataloguing the build of such bikes. Being in-tune with Audis and other European automobiles, built choppers seem just a bit alien, though this build found over on PipeBurn has us thinking twice and not the least at all because it has genuine four-ring DNA.

Event: Mk1 Madness with an Audi Fox

posted by on 11 December 2013 in Events News PhotoGraphic Vintage & Youngtimer News

2013 mk1 madness audi 80 b1 fox 57 600x300 photo

Technically it’s a Mk1. Last weekend we headed to a small car show dubbed Mk1 Madness in Eastern Pennsylvania. This was essentially a show for VW enthusiasts and those of the very specific focus of the first-generation water-cooled cars like the Giugiaro-penned Golf I. We went to cover the show for our sister publication VWvortex though we were very pleasantly surprised to find an Audi on the field.

75 Years Ago: Dawn of the Crash Test Era at Audi

posted by on 4 December 2013 in Audi News Vintage & Youngtimer News

Audi crash test history 287 600x300 photo

Safety has a long tradition at Audi: 75 years ago, DKW engineers rolled a subcompact F7 down a hill in the interest of safety and caused a controlled rollover. Since this first crash test at DKW, one of the four brands from which Audi was created, Audi has regularly claimed the spotlight with new safety features.

“RaceSeries” – 2014 Audi Tradition Calendar Announced

posted by on 28 November 2013 in Motorsport Vintage & Youngtimer News

raceseries cover 600x300 photo

The new wall calendar from Audi Tradition has arrived. Under the theme of “RaceSeries”, it shows 27 automotive specimens from the history of AUDI AG. Automotive photographer Stefan Warter has created sophisticated studio setups pairing the race versions of these cars and motorcycles with their series-production counterparts. Contemporary graphic material sets the historical context of the photos. The layout and graphic design are by the artist Kristina Redeker.

Andre Lotterer Enjoys Rallying His Own Sport quattro in South America

posted by on 22 November 2013 in Events News Motorsport Vintage & Youngtimer News

andre lotterer 600x300 photo

When Audi Sport factory driver and two-time Le Mans winner Andre Lotterer contacted us during his search for a Sport quattro, his cred as an enthusiast went up in our book. Sure, he’s a factory driver and one of the inaugural WEC champions, but to be all that and be so genuinely into Audis as to pick up such a niche automotive icon is above and beyond. The car he purchased, as he relayed to us, was a Hohenester tuned 450-hp red example fitted with rally spec Speedline alloys. Even better, you’ll see below proof that it’s no garage queen. Kudos Andre! More…

#WotD: Audi Sport quattro Wallpapers Shot at Kettler Farm

posted by on 19 November 2013 in Vintage & Youngtimer News WOTD

wotd sport quattro sunset 600x300 photo

During our visit to Audi Sport customer racing’s facility operated by Audi Sport engineer Brad Kettler, we had the chance to visit Mr. Kettler’s picturesque spread near the Ohio and Indiana border and take in the evening sun in the presence of one rally-liveried Audi Sport quattro.

Find of the Day: 16×9 Speedline Audi Sport quattro S1 Magnesium Rally Wheels

posted by on 18 November 2013 in In Market Vintage & Youngtimer News

speedline1 600x300 photo

In the modding scene, there’s not much cooler than vintage wheels crafted of unobtainium. And in the world of impossible-to-find alloys amongst Audi fans, we’re not sure we’d rate any wheel quite so high as the 16-inch magnesium Speedlines Audi Sport switched to when they needed a +1 16-inch diameter to replace the tried-and-true Ronals or Fuchs 5-spokers.

#WotD: Audi Power Wallpaper with R10 TDI, Sport quattro & 2x R8

posted by on 18 November 2013 in Motorsport Vintage & Youngtimer News WOTD

wotd audi power 600x300 photo

Earlier today we ran a feature video piece where we toured the Audi Sport customer racing North America facility also known as Kettler Sport & Logistik. Run by longtime Audi Le Mans engineer Brad Kettler in a small town between Ohio and Indiana, the facility provides support for all the Audi R8 LMS cars being campaigned in the USA plus plays home to Audi of America’s own vintage collection of automobiles when they’re not out on tour. Of course we couldn’t leave without taking hundreds of photos and this is the first of many that will serve as our Wallpaper of the Day (#WotD).

Video: Behind the Scenes with Brad Kettler at Audi Sport customer racing North America

posted by on 18 November 2013 in Miscellaneous Features Motorsport Video Vintage & Youngtimer News

kettler cover 600x300 photo

Though the year hasn’t yet finished, there’s no doubt that Audi Sport customer racing is gaining momentum and bearing down on the opening season of the Tudor United SportsCar Championship with several new teams set to field the dominant Audi R8 LMS in the inaugural year of this reformulated American series. We recently rolled out to the home of Audi Sport customer racing North America (a.k.a. Kettler Sport & Logistik) and got the grand tour from the firm’s creator and long-time Audi Sport Le Mans engineer Brad Kettler.

Audi TT 2.7T B5, The Unknown & Most Surprising Prototype

posted by on 28 October 2013 in Miscellaneous Features Vintage & Youngtimer News

tt b5 rs cover 600x300 photo

When the 30th Anniversary of quattro GmbH display opened earlier this month, a rather unassuming first-generation Imola Yellow TT coupe was part of the show. Were it not for some minor changes to the chin and an interesting decklid spoiler, even the most discerning eye may not have seen it as anything more than a yellow TT 3.2. However, a simple view of the engine bay with its longitudinally mounted 2.7T biturbo proves the car is much more than that, a little-known secret prototype quattro GmbH dusted off in order to celebrate its most storied and often secretive past. More…