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15 December 2014

There is a mountain of parts in our Vortex Media Group Pennsylvania office. Pallets of parts and Audi Accessories have been unloaded and organized over the last few weeks. We find ourselves walking around the islands of wheels, roof racks, floor mats, car covers and more as we move from one desk to another during our daily routine.

We’d already had a pile of goods amassing that we have been planning to give away. Then, the team at Audi Accessories phoned and asked if we thought we knew a way to get rid of some random inventory they’d had in a storage room over the years. That storage room needed cleaning we had just the answer. Even better, we’ve added our existing stash of Audi stuff to this growing pile.

You see, we’re coming to the end of this, our tenth year publishing Fourtitude. Given the significance of the passing of our first decade, it seems like a good time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and set goals for hills still left to climb. It also makes for an excellent opportunity to give back to the Audi community that chooses to support Fourtitude. That support keeps the lights and servers on, so who better to benefit from this pile of goods. circa 2004


Brief History of Fourtitude
Fourtitude was launched in 2004 after publishing Audi content on since the late 1990s. Coming into the market with AudiWorld well established and Audizine having launched during the time we’d been building out Fourtitude, we knew we needed a differentiator and content was it. In the time since then, this website has pushed the envelope in the world of niche websites catering to a single brand or model. Our blog has become established as the largest Audi blog going.

We’ve also pushed well beyond the blog. Our original content goes regularly to the Audi Magazine produced by Audi of America, and to the Audi Club North America’s quattro quarterly. It is a recurring monthly feature in the pages of Audi Driver Magazine sold in the UK and also distributed in the USA. We push that content not just to our own Fourtitude fan page on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn and most recently Ello, but also maintain a video channel on YouTube with over 3 million views, a massive photo stream on Pinterest, our behind-the-scenes photo stream on Instagram and even an Audi-focused PDF library on Scribd. On top of that, we were a pioneer in model specific fan pages on Facebook and now maintain a portfolio of Audi-focused fan pages numbering over 1.1 million fans. We also operate four independent Audi R18 twitter accounts that frequently live tweet FIA WEC races. We’re quite proud of this multi-platform approach that has grown so much bigger than our site itself, but it also presents a time consuming challenge.

In the span since Fourtitude’s launch, the landscape of Audi enthusiast outlets has changed. switched discussion platforms several years ago, arrived to fill demand for the KAWF-based discussion, Audizine continues and other model-specific sites like and have popped up. Where once Audiworld stood as the main resource, larger even than our own sister Volkswagen website VWvortex, the Audi discussion community is now split over many, many offerings in the space. Even the largest of these sites is but a fraction of VWvortex in size.

Add to this social media. Outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more compete for Audi owner discussion even more. Each makes a great cross-platform argument for eyeballs in the form of user groups, fan pages, hashtags and personal discussion.

What we’ve learned publishing this site over the years is that you need strong discussion forums on which to build a site and keep that site healthy. Blogs and editorial content are much more expensive to produce than reader-generated pages in forums. More importantly, forums are a HUGE resource for the community in the form of FAQs, build threads or even simply tech questions or daily discussion.

Discussion Forums & Giving Away a Mountain of Audi Stuff to Readers
As we see it, we create the blog content of the site and keep those on social media informed of the Audi brand via multi-faceted presence. It’s why we maintain a full time staff in Pennsylvania in order to populate the site each day with news and features. Forums, on the other hand, are populated by site users and forum traffic typically goes to wherever there’s a compelling reason like already established traffic or killer content such as project car builds or technical FAQs.

Forums are a key place where we feel that there is room for improvement on Fourtitude because, quite frankly, the site couldn’t exist alone without the already off-the-charts discussion foru traffic going on at our sister website VWvortex supporting it. That’s where we need you, our readers.

Fourtitude enjoys some really great well-established model forums like those for the Audi A3 and TT models. However, other forums languish from lack of use. We’d like to change that. At the same time, we have the aforementioned pile of goods to give away. That’s where things get interesting.

We want to reward those who choose to use Fourtitude’s discussion forums. Whether it be that aforementioned killer content like FAQs and build threads, answering questions for new Audi owners, asking questions of seasoned veterans or simple everyday chat, this use will help us further establish Fourtitude as an even better resource for Audi owners.

Audi car cover

We’re going to start this off by getting our users covered. Below is a list of our inventory of car covers. These are genuine indoor/outdoor covers from Audi specifically made for Audi vehicles. We’re going to start watching our forums for active users who own these cars particular cars and who are posting content, asking or answering questions. We’ll make contact via our forum’s personal message system or in threads themselves. Once we make contact, you send us a shipping address (U.S. addresses only please) and we’ll ship out the parts. Consider them a gift from our appreciative online Audi community.

There’s just one thing we’ll ask you if we’re sending you free stuff. Do us a favor and post your impressions and maybe some photos in the forums. If a part that requires installation, we’d also love to see an FAQ with photos so that others who may win or purchase the same part can benefit from your experience.

As we go on, we’re going to roll in other items to give away. This might be a set of wheels and snow tires, a video game, clothing, roof rack or whatever. We figure it’s a great way to reward active users of our forums.

So here’s the first list of car covers. From there you can see which forums will begin to get these first rewards. Simply click over to our forums and start taking part. You can do so by clicking the thread link at the bottom of this story or go directly to our Audi forums HERE.

Thanks again for making this site what it is. We wouldn’t be here without our readers and we appreciate the time you have spent and continue to spend reading and adding to the pages of Fourtitude.

2 ZAW061205 Outdoor Car Cover 2011+ A8 NWB
1 ZAW061205A Outdoor Car Cover 2011-14 A8L
2 ZAW061205B Outdoor Car Cover 2012+ A6
2 ZAW061205C Outdoor Car Cover 2012+ A7/S7/RS7
2 ZAW400042 Outdoor Car Cover 2009-2015 Q5
2 ZAW400100 Outdoor Car Cover A4 B5/B6
2 ZAW400100A Outdoor Car Cover A4 B6/B7
1 ZAW400101 Storage Cover 98-08 A4 B5/B6/B7/B8 AVANT FITMENT PER BOX
2 ZAW400105 Outdoor Car Cover TT MK1
2 ZAW400106 Outdoor Car Cover TT MK1 ROADSTER
2 ZAW400108 Outdoor Car Cover 2004-10 A8L
2 ZAW400109 Outdoor Car Cover 2005-2008 A6
3 ZAW400111 Outdoor Car Cover 2005-2013 A3
2 ZAW400112 Outdoor Car Cover TT MK2
2 ZAW400113 Outdoor Car Cover TT MK2 ROADSTER
2 ZAW400114 Outdoor Car Cover 2008+ A4
3 ZAW400120A Outdoor Car Cover A5/S5
1 ZAW400124 Outdoor Car Cover 2009-12 A4 AVANT
2 ZAW400135 Outdoor Car Cover Q7
2 ZAW400140 Outdoor Car Cover A4 B6/B7 CAB
2 ZAW400150R Indoor/Outdoor Car Cover R8
3 ZAW400150RD Indoor Car Cover R8

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