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4 November 2013

If you cast your eye in the general direction of Las Vegas, you may catch the glint off of nearly every significant custom car built in the past year given today marks the opening of the annual SEMA Show. SEMA, for those not keeping score, is the industry trade group representing the aftermarket and its show offers everyone who’s anyone in the aftermarket to show both their wares and their cars. Though Audi has only displayed here once officially, that doesn’t keep very significant modified Ingolstadt alloy from showing up.

Project S7
Consider this a preview of things to come. Our own Project Audi S7 has made the trip from Houston, TX to Las Vegas and is on display at the event, fresh with many new modifications you’ve likely been reading about here over the last week… not to mention several more that we’ll be covering in the future.Project S7, SEMA 2013 Preview

Nick Salvatore and his fiancé made the trip and Nick has filed this report. No doubt he’s tired as you’ll note in his first sentence, mixing up that pesky verb tense.

“We has arrived in Las Vegas for the 2013 SEMA show! After a 1500 mile trip from Houston Texas, that included 23.3 hours of drive time in the last day and a half – our HRE clad S7 sits just to the front right of the wheel hall. Mid lot, diagonally parked and at the end of the row, the S7 will be sure to garner plenty of attention.

If you have the ability to attend the SEMA Show this year, we hope you get a chance to see it. Our project aside, the SEMA show looks to be shaping up to be a spectacular event after getting a sneak peak today during staging and while obtaining credentials. In the meantime, enjoy this gallery, shot during a classic Texas sunset the night before our departure.

It has been a big undertaking to get ProjectS7 ready for its SEMA debut. I want to personally thank all of the companies that helped shape the project into what it has become today. HRE Wheels, Michelin Tires, H&R Suspension, APR, Avery Dennison, Brink Motorsports, Vinyl Werkz, Autodynamica, Underground Grfx and Executive Tint.

Stay tuned for a SEMA debrief with more photography and some candid behind the scenes “moments” during the finalization or the project and the trip to Vegas! Like any project car its never really “Done” and  those loyal readers with a keen eye might have already noticed a few new details with this S7 in the attached photos….as always, stay tuned!

Project S7, SEMA 2013 Preview

What Else to Expect for Audi Aficionados
In addition to Nick who will be shooting those Audis he sees, we’ve also got our staffers Jamie Vondruska and John Acton arriving in Las Vegas this morning. This very talented team of three is tasked with finding, meeting up and photographing each Audi they find in between SEMA after parties.

In the meantime, we’ve been doing a bit of sleuthing in order to comprise a list of Audi automobiles we expect to be on display this year at SEMA. From contacting known players, to those companies who’ve already reached out to us and also keeping our ears open, we’re already certain this should prove to be one of the best years for representation of Audi models at any SEMA Show to date.Project S7, SEMA 2013 Preview

Here’s a quick rundown of what we expect to find at SEMA:

Project S7, SEMA 2013 Preview

Editor’s Note: The above list is based on research made thus far and is by no means complete. If you know of further Audi models on display at SEMA or more thorough information on locations for models listed above and would like to direct either our photographers or other Audi enthusiasts to your cars, please drop us a note to and we’ll make sure to update the list. 

Also, follow along throughout the week as we cover SEMA much as we cover any major auto show, with press releases from participating companies and original updates from our editorial staff, including a show report from the Audi perspective with full photo gallery by the end of the week at the latest. SEMA runs from Tuesday November 5 to Friday November 8.

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