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2 August 2016

With 22 years under its belt, there’s no doubt the organizers of Waterfest have their game down pat. What remains America’s largest enthusiast show dedicated to Audi and Volkswagen seems apparently to have migrated to its extremes.baggedr8On the face of it, the formula hasn’t changed. Take hundreds of cars, thousands of enthusiasts and cram them into Englishtown, New Jersey’s Raceway Park. Plan a car show, an autocross, a drag race, a sound off, a burgeoning vendor area and mix it all together.

So what was so extreme about Waterfest 22?iroz-urq

The cars would be the obvious answer, but that’s always the case. From Sam Dobbins’ widebody Rocket Bunny Mk7 GTI to Hank Iroz’s 800+ hp Audi ur quattro… and those were just two of our most favorite. The reality is that the list of standouts is exceedingly long.bagged-s4A more obvious answer to anyone caught without cover on Saturday of show weekend would have been the rain. Torrential only begins to describe the sheets of precipitation that hurled themselves at the field. Attendees huddled under tents or in cars as the weather passed, a short burst compared to some years but one of the most intense the show has ever seen.thule-allroadAlso intense is the significance of the vendor space to the Audi and Volkswagen tuning industry. There may have been a few open spaces that weren’t empty in the past, but notable newcomer brands such as Thule roof racks and Vossen wheels joined the many regular players who come back year after year, making the event as much a VAG scene industry show as racing event or car gathering.acna-tent2Among the vendors this year was a new official presence for the Audi Club North America. Working with Audi Accessories, the Audi Club displayed several vehicles including one of just two B9 Audi A4s at the show and one very attention-grabbing Viper Green S3 on loan from Audi of America.rs2Of course, there were many, many more Audis to be seen. From Thule’s lowered allroad, to APR’s own tuned B9 A4, AMS Autowerks’ freshly imported RS2 Avant at Rotiform’s booth, numerous R8s, and many, many privately owned cars ranging from early 5000 and ur quattro models to the latest RS 7 performance complete with factory Akrapovic exhaust.

In the end, Waterfest remains much of what it always has been…. the big show. People brave the heat, the weather, the New Jersey Turnpike and the distance simply to take part. They do it so as not to miss out on the latest and the greatest the VAG scene has to offer. In that regard, Waterfest seldom if ever disappoints.rs7About the Audi Club North America
Audi Club North America (ACNA) is the largest club of Audi aficionados in the world. The club offers unique opportunities to enhance the Audi ownership experience – from technology and performance to lifestyle and community.

ACNA is a non-profit partnership of Audi owners brought together by the shared enthusiasm for the quality, performance, handling and safety benefits of the Audi automobile. ACNA enjoys the unique position of being the only officially sanctioned Audi Car Club in North America by Audi of America and Audi AG.

ACNA chapters organize group driving experiences, socials, tech sessions, adult and teen driver education, charity events and more. Almost 10,000 members enjoy a wealth of opportunities to explore the Audi ownership experience—from performance and technology to lifestyle and community. Audi club members purchased approximately $30M in new cars in 2015!

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