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14 March 2016

From their non-expense-spared builds, to their innovative way of blending the traditional and the trendy, European enthusiasts just have a special way of doing things.  It makes quite a bit of sense, then, that the Brits don’t bother waiting for better weather to get their event season underway.  Held in a convention center located just northwest of Birmingham, Ultimate Dubs UK has an uncanny ability to bring Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts from both near and far, featuring the cars that will raise eyebrows around the continent for the next few months.  Luckily for us, our man abroad Si Gray was there to capture it all.


From what we can see, air suspension continues to be at the forefront of the European tuning scene, likely due to the ability to alter height at the touch of a button, and avoid the pitfalls that come with being static.  Case in point is this Q3, which admittedly has not quite taken off in the American tuning scene, looking quite aggressive tucking Rotiform wheels.


Purple also seems to be very much ‘a thing’ in Europe this year, and to be honest, we don’t hate it.  Merlin Metallic just might be one of Audi Exclusive’s most underutilized colors, and this A8 happens to wear it well.  In a world where most take themselves entirely too seriously, more should be so bold.


To see more of Si Gray’s shots from Ultimate Dubs, check out the full gallery below.

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