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31 October 2012

Hamburg, Germany – What better way is there to spend an early autumn weekend than to hit the road for one of Germany’s coolest cities? We’re not sure there is one, and we suspect R8 owners who ventured to Hamburg from the September 21st to the 23rd would likely agree.

Hosted by Neidfaktor, a Hamburg-based tailor of custom automobiles of the highest-performance, the event was focused on the R8 though open to other cars as well. Not surprisingly, attendance amounted to about 40 cars and was dominated by R8s of all type, including coupe, Spyder, V8, V10 and GT. Others in the mix included several Ferraris, Porsches, Mercedes, Maserati, Lotus, an Audi RS 5 and a vintage Renault Alpine.

The main gathering point for the event was focused on Prototyp – a well-known museum with a focus on pre-production automobiles, test mules really and most of them by Porsche. For those hyper-focused on Audi, one very worthwhile site to see at Prototyp is an early Porsche 928 test mule with C1 Audi Coupe S bodywork.

The event also included a barbecue and of course proper German beer during the main gathering on Saturday. Evening activities included hitting several local hot spot bars around the city of Hamburg.

German contributor and photographer extraordinaire, Neckarsulm-based Gunter Stachon was able to attend the event and photographed most of the fantastic R8s that came out for the event. Special thanks to Gunter Stachon and Neidfaktor for hosting and sharing one truly impressive gathering.

See more photography from this event in our photo gallery linked at the bottom of this page.


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