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15 May 2014

Editors Note: This shoot was done some years ago, and was recently rediscovered. With the advent of brands like Singer and Icon, we thought it was the perfect time to run a full feature on the car.

Located just outside of Sacramento, California, 2Bennett Audimotive specializes in Audis of all ages.  Their true bread and butter, however, is restorations.  And by restorations we mean making insane yet tasteful creations like this ur quattro.

The first thing you notice is how wide the car is with 2Bennett’s complete carbon fiber long wheel base conversion installed.  From a purely aesthetic perspective, this is about as close as one could get to a Sport quattro without purchasing the real thing.Feature: 2B ur q. Widebody quattro by 2Bennett Audimotive

Audi never built a long-wheelbase coupe with those more aggressive Group B flares… at least it never built one for production. Later evolutions of the longer wheelbase racing quattro did get the wider kit, but homologation rules didn’t require they be made for sale to the public. As a result, what you see here is what could have been built at the time by the factory, but wasn’t.

2Bennett built this car several years ago as a showpiece to display the best of their work. Before the advent of the set of companies building the ultimate car of a particular type in a way exceedingly considerate of their original intent (looking at you Singer Porsches), the Bennett brothers were seemingly already there. If there were a cue for cars looking to qualify as a Singeresque take on the venerable quattro, we suspect this car would be at the front of the line.Feature: 2B ur q. Widebody quattro by 2Bennett Audimotive

2Bennett put a massive amount of time into developing this carbon fiber body kit and it shows, from the materials used to the quality fit and finish.  The kit is good enough to fool the casual observer into thinking that this is how the car came off of Audi’s assembly line, and we like that.  2Bennett went so far as to make a replica grille out of carbon fiber, then painted it black to appear more like the OEM plastic piece.  European B2 generation Volkswagen Passat headlights were also sourced for the build, the same that were used on the Sport quattro. The attention to detail is unrivaled outside of Singer and Icon builds.Feature: 2B ur q. Widebody quattro by 2Bennett Audimotive

2Bennett followed the same philosophy of OEM-Inspired upgrades under the hood.  This car’s original 2.1L 10-valve 5-cylinder was removed, and replaced with a completely built AAN Code 2.2L 20-valve 5-cylinder running modified Bosch Motronic engine management.  Engine software was specifically tailored to work with the host of engine modifications, including OEM RS2 pieces as well as various custom 2Bennett bits.  With the software in “street” configuration, the car makes 375hp and 440 lb-ft of torque on pump fuel.   The masochists among us could orderup over 400hp with a special 2Bennett race gas calibration should they wish.Feature: 2B ur q. Widebody quattro by 2Bennett Audimotive

OEM inspired touches are present throughout the interior as well.  Upon entry occupants are greeted by exposed door bars, which tie into the color matched six-point roll cage.  2Bennett further updated the interior with Recaro Sportster CS seats and reupholstered door panels.  To keep tabs on everything, one of 2Bennett’s aluminum dash-top gauge pods was fitted with gauges for Oil Pressure, Water Temperature and Boost Pressure.  While an OEM Sport quattro dashboard is simply not available, the team at 2Bennett took great care to locate all gauges in effectively the same spots as they are found in Audi’s original homologation units.

Behind the wheel, all of 2Bennett’s tweaks and modifications start to really make sense.  A custom-valved Coilover suspension with adjustable Koni dampers was built to 2Bennett’s specifications, and it works incredibly well.  The valving is perfect for aggressive street duty, keeping the car planted in the bends without waging war on one’s spine.  Of course, some of the handling prowess has to be attributed to the rigidity gained from that beautifully painted roll cage and the 225 width Bridgestone Potenzas fitted to this particular build.Feature: 2B ur q. Widebody quattro by 2Bennett Audimotive

When you finally come across a turn where some braking is required (and you will), Brembo 4-piston calipers and 330mm rotors bring you to a stop rapidly.  Which is good, because with 375hp underneath your right foot in a car this light, you could get into trouble quickly.

After our seat time had ended, obvious comparisons to the Sport quattro arose.  Sure it looks like a Sport quattro, and it shares some of the driving characteristics as well- specifically the need for left foot braking to keep the turbo spooled, and the on/off power delivery typical of a turbocharged car of that generation.  Where it differs from the Sport quattro, is that it benefits from roughly 20 years of technological advancements.  Those advancements allow the 2Bennett ur quattro to out-brake, out-accelerate and out-handle a Sport quattro all while being much easier to drive.Feature: 2B ur q. Widebody quattro by 2Bennett Audimotive

Because it is such a competent performer, this car exists in a very interesting space.  We don’t consider it a full-blown restomod, because it retains too many period-correct modifications and OEM inspired touches.  To us, it falls more in line with the Singer Porsches, Alfaholics Alfa Romeos and Icon Land Cruisers of the world.  Through intense knowledge of and respect for the Audi Sport quattro and S1 Group B cars, as well as a keen eye for design, 2Bennett have created something extraordinary for consumers, much like Singer and precious few others do for their clients.

So how much will one of these put you back?  Well, with a seemingly endless list of possible motors, materials, and touches available it’s really hard to say.  Realistically a 2Bennett Sport quattro can set you back as much as you want to spend, especially if your dream version includes a modern 2.5 TFSI from the TT RS or a leather-swathed Sport quattro replica dash as we’ve imagined our own during our brief time with 2Bennett’s demonstrator.

See more photos of this car in our photo gallery linked at the bottom of this story. For more information on this car and other 2Bennett conversions, check out the 2Bennett website HERE.

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