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7 May 2009

For visitors to the Audi Forum Ingolstadt, there is no shortage of things to see. From the Audi Museum Mobile with its vintage Audi antiquities and the Audi Collection Store, to the Audi Exclusive Showroom and new car Delivery Center… one can even dine in style at the Avus Restaurant. For those in the know though, it is the more nondescript Building A50 directly across from the delivery center where an observant eye can usually find something a little more rare… a little more unique.

You see, just in front of A50 is where the Audi AG board members tend to park. We’ve photographed several unique factory-built one-offs here in the past such as Michael Dick’s Gulf-liveried Audi TT coupe. Often when photos of interesting Audi specimens seen in Ingolstadt pop up on the web, it is in front of A50 where the are typically parked.

The latest member of the Fourtitude editorial team, contributing editor John Stahmann just happened to be swinging through Ingolstadt this week and, not surprisingly, swung by A50 before hitting any of the usual sites. Several cars were there, but as you can see, it is a particular Audi TT with which John was far from disappointed.

The car in question appears to be an Audi TTS coupe with a whole host of factory upgrades. Think OEMplus when the partsbin includes literally anything in the Audi system as well as perhaps ringing up an OE supplier for a one-off prototype here or there.

The car’s pearlescent white paint is believed to the the Lamborghini color Bianco Canopus, and it also harkens back to the popular Audi pearl white colors of the 80s and 90s, gives us a clue as to the owner of the car. We’ve seen other pearl white Audis at A50 in recent history and all since Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler took his post at the helm of Audi. We hear the color is a particular favorite of Stadler’s, so we’re guessing the TTS is one of his personal vehicles.

By now, TT aficionados are probably itemizing every difference from the usual standard TTS equipment available in the order books. We’ll do our best to summarize.

For starters, the car makes use of a lot of carbon fiber trim. The carbon weave mirrors are from the Audi R8 5.2 V10 partsbin, while we seem to remember a carbon fiber chin and matching rear valance on an Audi Exclusive show car displayed last fall at the Essen Motor Show. In addition, the carbon fiber rear wing cover is likely part of that package and looks quite similar to the one offered on the aftermarket by OSIR.

The wheels are quite obviously from the R8 equipment list. Underneath, the R8 alloys is an Audi Ceramic brake setup. Audi Ceramic brakes are offered on the R8, Q7 V12 TDI and RS 6, though they’re not offered on the TT nor are the calipers usually painted red. Our best guess is that OE supplier SGL Carbon was kind enough to provide a one-off set for this particular TTS.

Those particularly intimate with design cue variations between Audi’s standard, S and RS ranges may also pick up the other notable change to the nose of this TTS. Typically, standard TTs get gloss-black painted crosshatch grilles. RS cars get honeycomb mesh with no central splitter bar for the license plate. S-cars, as this car appears to be, get metallic grey painted grilles with vertical chrome struts. The grille on this particular TTS is most definitely the S-style grille with its chrome struts, but it’s painted gloss black for a nuanced change that emphasizes the vertical chrome lines.

The more trained eye of a TT aficionado may catch more changes to this particular car. If you spot anything else, click the link below to our discussion forum on the car and let us know what we missed. Also, check out more photos of the car via the Photo Gallery link below.

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