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28 June 2012

photos: Linhbergh

There’s no question that the requirements for owning a premium car like a modern Audi might be either a fair inheritance or attaining the status in life of “go-getter“. We’re not sure about his inheritance status and frankly that’s a bit personal to ask, but there’s no need to question Lon Mok’s status as “go-getter”. The guy not only manages the long-running So-Cal Euro car show, he also splits his time as marketing executive for HRE wheels. What better car then should the guy own for his going and his getting but an S4 Avant… and rolling on custom HRE wheels no less.

Like many Audi enthusiasts around the world, Lon Mok has a taste for the Avant body style. In that vein, he’s acquired one very pristine Dolphin Grey example of the previous generation car. To be specific, this B7 is a 2005.5 example, fitted just how many of us would have ordered it with black leather Recaros, carbon beltline trim and a 6-speed manual transmission.

Given his background, it’s a foregone conclusion the car’s specification wouldn’t end with the Monroney label. To help flow air and free a few horses, Lon went with a Milltek downpipe and resonated exhaust. Shift action has been improved thanks to a short shifter from JHM while the car’s handling and stance were tailored with STaSIS engineer coilovers.

Of course the most noticeable change to the casual viewer comes with the wheels. For that Lon readily went with with a setup from his own employer, fitting a set of HRE P44SC wheels in 19″x9″ sizing in striking brushed copper finish. Said finish shows off HRE’s ability to custom tailor a set of wheels to an owner’s taste, though we can’t help but notice the P44SC design’s own similarities to the latest B8 RS 4 wheel for a perhaps unintentional and ever-so-subtle OE+ element.

If you’d like to know more about the car and the wheels, check out the HRE website and also a thread by Lon (a.k.a. “bugzy”) in our discussion forums, both linked below. Also see more photos of Lon’s Audi S4 in our photo gallery linked at the very bottom.

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