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6 February 2013

Editor’s Note: A few weeks ago we ran a story about some rare BBS-made Bugatti EB110 wheels up for sale on Ebay. The listing included a photo of a B5 A4 fitted with a similar setup and the story went considerably viral. A few hours later in our discussion forums a reader shared with us a link to a British blog called RollHard that featured the car. We’ve since contacted the team at that site and they were kind enough to allow us to reprint the story. Enjoy it below.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen pictures of this Laser Red Audi floating about on picture threads and Facebook pages. This car caused quite a stir in Wörthersee this year.

We first spotted Damian “Rayan” Stefanowski’s B5 on the pavement in Reifnitz, Wörthersee. Laying frame, proudly soaking up the Austrian sunshine drawing in scores of people trying to take a closer look. Among a sea of shiny RS’ (which don’t get us wrong, we LOVE), Rayan’s car stood out to us as something a little different.

As luck would have it, whilst we were stood beside the B5, Rayan and his mates came back to the car and after a quick chat we arranged to catch up with Rayan later that evening for some shots and a proper chat about his 1000km trip from Poland, his car… and the story behind those wheels.

We arrived at his hotel to find 20+ Polish guys in fold-up chairs having a BBQ on by the roadside – anyone who’s been to Wörthersee will know this is perfectly normal behaviour. We shared a beer with the lads, compared Wörthersee notes and got more details on Rayan’s car. These boys had driven over 1000km from Poland so between us, we’d travelled most of Europe to be here.

The car itself is a 1.9 TDI Quattro with upgrade Recaro leathers, naturally, this thing is on air and the simple 2 way ViAir setup lets the car sink itself into the tarmac nicely. Rayan’s B5 looks just as good parked as it does on the roll. This might be on air but trust me, Rayan drives this thing low.

Rayan never sticks with a set of wheels for long. He’s owned the car 18 months and been through several sets, everything from 18” BBS RS to 19” Cargraphics and now the wheels you see here.

The fitment is what can only be described as ‘90s touring car’ and god does it nail it. The unfussy lines of the B5 are so well suited to a large dose of lows and motorsport wheels.

For those of you not familiar with your 1990s supercars, these wheels once lived on a Bugatti EB110. Here’s a short history lesson for you all… during the early 90s, speed was everything. The EB110 was crowned ‘fastest production car’ at the time (taking the Jaguar XJ220’s title) but the dust hadn’t even settled before McLaren released the (even faster) legendry F1 and that was game over for the overpriced Italian. Bugatti soon went bust having built only 150 EB110′s. These are rare beasts.

So back to the wheels, being the wild 90s creation that the EB110 was, it had BBS 18×9 fronts and 18×12 rears in 2 piece centrelock fitment (BBS RT73’s for all you wheel geeks out there). The 12” wide rears were always going to be a struggle to fit under the Audi’s arches so what he really needed were four 18×9 fronts. No problem – This guy had ‘several sets’ of brand new Bugatti wheels to pick from… some people have all the luck finding the rare stuff!?

The ET38 centrelock BBS’ were always going to need some fettling to get on the B5, centrelock adapters would have given too much poke so the decision was made to drill these to the Audi’s PCD. The work on these is faultless; it’s hard to tell that these didn’t originally come in 5 stud fitment. Needless to say that with some spacing of the rears this thing sits perfectly and in a way we haven’t seen since the touring car days.

The thing about Rayan’s Audi is how effortlessly it draws the crowds. It doesn’t make a song and dance, it goes ever so calmly about its business and makes a killer impact on Bugatti EB110 wheels.

We love this car.

And here’s a link to a little teaser video that we shot too ;) .

Audi B5 teaser video.

RollHard. Follow them on Facebook HERE:

Words: Aron Norris.

Photos: Tony Adams.

Video: Daniel Allard.

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