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22 November 2016

Making a car for sale in the US requires a lot of patience and Catherine Zeta-Jones-like grace to work your way through all the red tape that’s there to entrap you. But Audi took it to a whole new level when they introduced the R8 V10 Plus exclusive edition.

Not only did Audi have to sidestep through all the usual federal regulators, it also had to satisfy the Food and Drug Administration that its new laser headlights were safe for consumption. Or sale, rather.


That’s because the new headlights have frickin’ lasers in them to help illuminate the road. And when lasers are involved, so too is the FDA. That’s because lasers emit a bit of radiation, and the US government wants to be sure that all super soldiers are created intentionally, like Captain America, and not accidentally, like that “lame-stream media” elite, Spider Man.

As a result, Audi’s new headlights come with a couple of cautions, chief among which is don’t stare into them for long periods of time. Especially if you’re wearing glasses.

audi laser light

Don’t worry if you see an R8 V10 Plus exclusive edition coming your way late at night, though. The laser lights don’t turn on until it’s moving in excess of 40 mph, and only when there are no oncoming headlights. So you’re eyes will be safe and sound.

For that matter, the R8 doesn’t shoot the lasers down the road. Instead, it shoots the laser at a phosphor (read: thing that lights up when energy is applied), which glows intensely and then works pretty much like a normal headlight, using mirrors to reflect light forward. And don’t even get me started on whether or not the laser light reaches your eye faster when you’re traveling at speed, because I’m not ready to have my brain broken by Einsteinian physics today.

What’s important is that you get clear, crisp, bright light that shines in roughly the same color as the sun at high noon.

[source: Road Show]

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