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3 December 2012

Every year Fourtitude endeavors to create a perfect gift list for Audi enthusiasts. Items on this list may range from a couple of dollars to several thousand, and easily purchased to more unobtainium. Some may be obvious Audi goods, while others simply follow a similar philosophy like Audi ultra lightweight design or tailored customization similar to Audi Exclusive. Whatever the case, we think most any Audi enthusiast would be happy to have any number of items from this list. We do hope you agree and further would like to wish you a happy holiday season no matter your spiritual engine.


Oakley Jupiter Lite Sunglasses
When it comes to our Holiday Gift Guide, Oakley is an ongoing staple. At one time, this California-based sunglass manufacturer was an official partner of Audi Sport, That last fact may no longer the case but Audi factory drivers are often still seen wearing them and then models like the Jupiter Lite come along that fully embrace ‘ultra’ construction so much that we find them irresistible.

This year, a the classic Wayfarer design seemed to be the hottest design going on beaches around the world… often in ugly 80s shades of neon green or something equally quick to look dated. Still, since we’re appreciative of the classic Wayfarer, we’re even more appreciative of the modern re-interpretive design of the Jupiter Factory Lite by Oakley. This modern Wayfarer tosses the garish colors of the summer of 2012 in favor of exotic aerospace materials and a color scheme more in tune with an Audi R18 P1 racer.

CNC machined aluminum in black (much like your iPhone5) and also carbon fiber are key features of the Jupiter Factory Lite, as are titanium Twin Shock hinges and polarized lenses. Think modern take on JFK era coolness and with the cutting-edge materials and color scheme of an R18 TDI. At around $280, these are some of the most expensive Oakleys we’ve laid squinting eyes upon, but the material quality is off the chart and, we think, makes it well worth the price.



Bang & Olufsen Headphones
Another ongoing partner of Audi is Bang & Olufsen. Equipment from the Danish purveyors of high-end and highly designed audio equipment can me ordered in your most modern Audis. Why not pair your mobile device with B&O ear buds or head phones for when you’re on the go, but not at the wheel of your car?

When it comes to B&O headphones, we’d suggest one of two models. First up is the EarSet3i, featuring the same basic design and quality of B&O’s standard headphone with its great sound and high quality polished aluminum design are paired with a microphone and all the quick-adjust functionality of an iPod or iPhone headset.

Should you prefer something more over-the-ear, B&O also offers the squarish Form 2 headphones. No, they’re not noise cancelling, but sound is very good and, as usual, design is also a key part of their appeal. Also, in this case, several colors are offered.

LINK: Bang & Olufsen EarSet 3iForm2

Leather Key Fob – Audi Accessories
Something as simple as a handsome keyfob is a great way to improve the ownership experience of your new Audi. These cleanly-designed leather and aluminum fobs from the Audi Collection offer great tactile feel and are the perfect addition.

We originally ran across these fobs in Europe, as part of the European Audi Collection. Most, including those for A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, TT and the 4-rings logo are available via the American online store of the Audi Collection. All of these and a few more (including RS 5, RS 3, as well as the Audi S and RS logos) can be found via the German market Audi Collection store. Both web stores are linked below.

Link: (USA) (Germany)

quattro Aviator Sunglasses

Speaking of the German market Audi Collection store, we find it is a great place to find items that will delight Audi fans for both their high material quality and also their unobtainium status for all but those select few who can make regular visits to the Audi Forums in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm. One such item from the collection that is sure to please is this pair of classic Aviator sunglasses.

Part of a vintage motorsport line that includes 80s era Audi Sport clothing, these gold-finished Aviators feature the classic ‘quattro’ script design for a very period look.

LINK: (Germany)


8380 Advance Unbesiegt T-shirt
Another usual suspect on our Holiday Gift Guide is a cool T-shirt with Audi interest design. This year’s entry in that segment comes from 8380 Laboratories. We’ve become fans of this small American design firm for their European and often motorsport themed T-shirts and their Advance Unbesiegt shirt is a great example of those themes.

Based on a charcoal T-shirt, the visual focus of the design is four Audi racecars in profile. Spanning from the V8 DTM to the A4 BTCC, the A4 DTM and finally the Audi R10 TDI, there’s a little something here for any Audi motorsport enthusiast.


Mi Adidas Sneakers
Another affinity partner of Audi is German athletic apparel manufacturer Adidas. The brand is the official supplier of the Audi Sport factory team – paraphernalia you just can’t buy unless you’re a works driver or team member. And while we’ll have to wait for Adidas to add Audi Sport products to their factory stores as they have with their Vespa branded goods or soccer team wear, we can now order Adidas sneakers in Audi colors or to match the color scheme of our Audi thanks to the new Mi Adidas program.

Okay, so they’ll come at a premium of the sneaks you’ll find at Foot Locker or in the Adidas company stores around the country, but Audi Exclusive offerings have taught us that custom tailoring comes at a premium. As gifts go, this should prove both plenty original and super subtle in association with the Audi brand so as not to appear too brand geeky. On the downside, your gift receiver may want to have some say in the spec of his or her new shoes.



Truth in 24 II DVD
Earlier this year Audi followed up its original Le Mans documentary ‘Truth in 24’ with a sequel, ‘Truth in 24 II – Every Second Counts’. The latter, also produced by NFL films, tells the story of the landmark 2011 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. While it can be downloaded free via iTunes or watched at any time on YouTube, you can’t wrap an MP4 file and a DVD is still a really nice touch. Pair it with a scale model of the winning #2 ‘Red Sonja’ Audi R18 TDI (seen below) for a winning combination.


GoPro Hero3
Our next cinematic suggestion is less about consumption and more about creation. New for 2012 is the GoPro Hero3, and while other larger consumer electronics company would love to best GoPro, this niche company still owns the active camera segment… emphasizing the point with their latest offering.

May we suggest the Hero3 Black Edition – the same small and nearly indestructible still and video camera concept pioneered by GoPro. It’s now got 12MP video and a remote control… amongst other things. As if the Hero wasn’t already good for capturing track days or hard-to-get angles of Audis for budding filmmakers, the faster frame rates of the latest Hero3 will do an even better job capturing even faster action.


Another great find for Audi enthusiastic filmmakers might just be this mobile tripod system from Cinetics. Short of purchasing a very expensive boom, Cineskates will allow you to get very even moving/panning shots of your target for a bigger budget effect than you’d expect from a sub-$300 kit. Also, the Joby GorillaPod tripod included in the kit will likely come in handy even without the wheels attached.





1:18 Audi R18 TDI ‘Red Sonja’
One of our favorite Audi racers bar-none is the 2011 Le Mans-winning Audi R18 TDI #2 dubbed ‘Red Sonja. Scale versions, particularly in the more common and more affordable 1:43 are cool, but we’d suggest this 1:18 scale version from Spark.

Larger and more detailed, 1:18 is a more impressive size for a bookshelf or den, and Spark is one of the best when it comes to detail… fitting given the premium price. This is not a toy for kids to play with.

We’ve found a store in New York that claims to have this model in stock. If they sell out, there are others out there who have it though most are in Europe. Plan accordingly in ordering, and pair with a DVD copy of ‘Truth in 24 II’ for the ultimate Audi Sport-themed gifting.


1:18 Scale Audi RS2 or Audi RS 4 (B5)
We’d never heard of model car manufacturer Otto Mobile when we stumbled across a few of their cars in the case of a scale model vendor at this year’s Paris Motor Show, though we certainly made a mental note when we saw some of their as-of-yet unseen 1:18 scale models on display. The company offers such greats as the first-gen Audi S3, Audi S2 coupe, Audi RS 6 plus Avant (C5) and Audi S8 (D2), but our favorites were two oldschool RS cars. First was the Porsche-developed RS2 and second was the B5 RS 4 Avant.

The good news regarding Otto Mobile products is that they are a bit more mass-produced than others like our ‘Red Sonja’ by Spark, which means they come at a much more affordable price. The bad news is that Otto is still relatively new and unknown, meaning you’ll likely have to order yours from Europe.

We’re listing several sources for Otto goods here, including their own webstore. We’re also including the Museum Shop at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt since we’ve seen the RS 4 on sale there on at least one occasion though stocks have proven spotty during subsequent visits. We’d recommend contacting any overseas party you may choose in order to assure stock availability and an amenable arrival time.


2/3 scale Auto Union Child’s Racing Car
Though it is on our Holiday Gift Guide, we’re 99.9% certain that this super exclusive offering will have to wait for late delivery. Even still, the level of awesomeness around it is at such a high level that we think any recipient will not be disappointed… even recipients of the impatient single digit age variety.

What you see here is a commissioned 2/3 scale motorized Auto Union Type A racer. It is the first of its kind, and was displayed this past summer at Goodwood. Its manufacturer, who qualifies as an artist in our book, will build one like it or perhaps another vintage racer for you upon your order. Materials are of the highest quality, so expect the final price to be of equal altitude.




Audi R18 Puzzle
Want to engineer a takeover by Audi of family game night? Until there’s such a thing as ‘Audiopoly’, we’d suggest this new 500-piece puzzle from the American Audi Collection. The puzzle depicts a 2011-spec Audi R8 #1 in black, close to the car that ran at Le Mans and often described as an ‘R18 test car’. Whatever the actual spec, the black coloring suits the evil-looking R18 – described by the likes of Dr. Ullrich and Audi Sport engineer Howden Haynes as a car for ‘Darth Vader’.

At just $15, the puzzle is easily the most affordable item on our holiday list. Available via the American web store for the Audi Collection, it is also likely one of the most readily available. Consider it for a stocking stuffer for any Audi enthusiast.


Forza Horizon
Video games are another regular addition to our list and this year’s hot game is Forza Horizon. Since it is Forza, you can be certain that Audi is prominently placed within the game. Ingolstadt alloy included in Forza Horizon are the R8 GT, Sport quattro, TT RS, RS 4 (B7), several Lamborghinis and the Audi V8-powered Gumpert Apollo S. Opt for the special VIP version and you’ll also get the R8 GT Spyder and Lamborghini Sesto Elemento concept car.

While not exactly a driving sim like other games in the Forza Franchise, Horizon is more of an open virtual environment where you drive wherever within the game’s universe and can interact with other players – sort of a Grand Theft Auto model with a car show/concert being the purpose, races being the missions and lacking all of the violence of the Grand Theft franchise.

When it comes to shopping for a video game, we know there are many, many sources. More than likely you can find the game locally at your neighborhood Best Buy or the like. Since online purchasing is likely price driven, we’ve included a link to the listing on Google shopping.


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