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25 May 2012

It was no surprise that Audi’s three 2011 winning drivers Marcel Fassler, Andre Lotterer and Benoit Treluyer were present for the event. It was disappointing, though perhaps no surprise, that narrator and actor Jason Statham was off filming his latest movie and thus absent.

Audi staff was on hand, including Audi of America CMO Scott Keogh who made both films happen in the first place. Local Los Angeles journalists came out, including editors from Motor Trend and Road & Track. Several stars showed as well, including actor David Denman (Roy from The Office) and Mercedes Mashohn who happen to be friends with Andre Lotterer. It seems Denman met the Audi Sport driving star while filming in Japan where Andre was racing at the time. The two have become good friends, evidenced further by the fact that Denman grabbed a seat next to Andre for the showing.

Guests at the premiere were ushered into the cavernous Vibiana, converted to a movie theatre with specially built risers fitted with white leather chairs and couches for perhaps the most stylish movie viewing environment anyone might recall. A rumor among the crowd was that one of the nearby movie studios has a similarly lavish private viewing room, though it’s not open to the public.

Neither was the Vibiana on April 26, and since it’s not normally a movie theatre anyway, we’re guessing the list of guests who’ve watched a movie in this venue is even more exclusive than that of the studio.

Speaking of guest lists, the mix of people in the theatre didn’t just end at Audi executives, drivers, movie stars and automotive journalists. VIPs, guests of Audi and invited Audi customers filled the theatre for this first-ever public showing of Audi’s new movie. Leena Gade, another star of the movie, was noticed by fans for her absence as she had a full schedule in her preparations for Le Mans. To be certain, the talented Ms. Gade was missed.

A question and answer session followed the showing, with a trick inquiry process that included texted questions sent to an iPad on stage where Audi’s Scott Keogh managed the conversation. Fassler, Lotterer and Treluyer were joined in this by Scot Thor of InterSport, the production company that worked with NFL to produce both movies.

After this, guests were ushered to the courtyard of the Vibiana where a reception ensued late into the night. Highlights included a special drink made with Beefeater Gin and a second step & repeat photo screen where Audi’s drivers were generous enough to hang about for hours and pose for photos with enamored fans. Those same fans also managed to score a movie poster signed by those same drivers as they departed from the Vibiana and a most excellent evening.

Editor’s Note: Below you’ll find several elements of the evening we were able to capture or get our hands on. These include the recipe for the 24 Second Cocktail, an audio clip of the Q&A period (missing just a moment at the beginning) and a humorous collection of photos from the reception’s step & repeat photography experiment.

We’ve also included the full uncut Youtube version of Truth in 24 II below, along with a link to the Apple iTunes store where you can download it in HD free of charge. For those interested in learning more about the Vibiana, we’ve got an expansive photo gallery from the evening (linked to the right) and a link to the venue below at the bottom. Enjoy.


The 24 Second Cocktail – the best engineered cocktail made in 24 seconds

Pastis and water is THE summertime drink in France. More than two liters per inhabitant are sold each year.


• Beefeater Gin
• fresh pressed lemon
• sugar
• dash of pastis
• topped with st. germaine foam
• garnished with edible platinum dust

‘Truth in 24 II’ Premiere Photo Gallery
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