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A series covering the build and ownership experience of a custom 2015 Audi A3 2.0 TFSI quattro S line. Follow along as we explore this highly interesting new automobile, modify it and tailor it thanks to a rich aftermarket.

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a3 cover 280x160 photo Project A3 Sedan: Introduction

Not too often does one get to take part in a project, a build, or a part of something that is new and ground-breaking. But then getting the chance to take that item from blank canvas of metal, plastic, and rubber to something of cutting edge beauty and sophistication is even more rare. More…


project a3 cover1 280x160 photo Project A3 Sedan: Suspension and Brakes

The whole purpose for a project is to make progress with an object. In this case, it is obviously a vehicle and even more so Audi’s newest small sedan the A3. More…


a3 sedan cover 280x160 photo Project A3 Sedan: Wheels & Tires

It’s pretty much a rule that there’s no single modification that will make as radical a visual change to any car project as a new set of wheels and tires. More…


carbon cover 280x160 photo Project A3 Sedan: Carbon Exterior & Sport Interior Touches

Thus far, modifications to Project A3 Sedan have primarily focused on visual appeal or performance of this Brilliant Red S line. This time around, upgrades will focus both on the outside and also on the inside of the car, dipping into the Audi partsbin for OEM+ appeal.


project a3 cover 280x160 photo Project A3 Sedan: Billy Boat Performance Exhaust

There’s no doubt that the automotive enthusiast world is a large one, with so many segments, so many car cultures and the many companies that cater to them. Given this, it is a pleasure sometimes to reconnect with which you are already familiar, even better when they’re in your “back yard”. More…


a3 airlift cover 280x160 photo Project Audi A3 Sedan: Air Lift Performance Suspension

Low, stanced, dropped, bagged, aired out, and slammed are all terms used to describe the trend of air suspensions gaining popularity in the European car segment. Getting a car to sit really low has never been as popular as it is now in the tuning scene. More…


project a3 bfi 280x160 photo Project A3 Sedan: Black Forest Industries Hardware

Black Forest Industries, well-known to owners of older cars, has begun making parts for the new A3. We try their new catch can for 2.0 TFSI and also Stage 1 mounts. More…


project a3 spoiler alert 280x160 photo Project A3 Sedan: P3 Vent Gauge and FAREAST Front Lip

We’re not being terribly clever when we call this latest update to our Project A3 sedan series “Spoiler Alert.” After all, it’s about a unique front chin spoiler and a multi function alert / gauge system from P3. That’s all well and good, but the clever title goes one step further in that we’re also going to tell you how the story ends. More…