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b85 allroad cover 280x160 photo Project B8.5 allroad: Introduction

Ask anyone who’s not an Audi enthusiast to explain it and they likely can’t. To the uninitiated, today’s Audi allroad (A4 allroad to Europe) is the unexpected enthusiast’s car. Those familiar with the brand though… they know better. That’s where this car comes in.


b85 allroad cover1 280x160 photo Project B85 allroad: Winterization with Wheels, Winter Tires & More

It’s fair to say that anyone entering a record-setting winter may have an unfair advantage when equipped with an Audi A4 allroad quattro. If it’s not already, augmenting the car with the proper equipment to further deal the frigid weather will solidify its “unfair” status. Beware polar vortex, we are not afraid thanks to great new additions from Audi and Michelin. More…


project b85 cover 280x160 photo Project B85 allroad: Sport Springs from H&R

When Audi launched the B8-based A4 allroad, it made a fundamental change to the allroad game plan. Not surprisingly, most allroad owners with sporting intentions wish to lower their cars. More…


project b85 allroad 280x160 photo Project B85 allroad: Wheels & Tires

When last we left our Project B85 allroad, it’d dropped much of its ride height for more sporting handling and appearance. As the weather warmed, it was time to add a set of summer tires and larger wheels in order to finish the performance and appearance upgrade we’d begun with that suspension. More…


project allroad brakes cover 280x160 photo Project B85 allroad: RS Spec Brake Upgrade

When it comes to performance, our Project B85 allroad has given us just enough of a taste that we want more. We’ve already improved handling with upgrades to suspension, wheels and tires. However, before we up our Avant’s power, we first want to focus on its ability to stop. Of course, North American Audi Avant […] More…


roof rack system b85 allroad cover 280x160 photo Project B85 allroad: Roof Rack System from Audi Accessories

Getting a full-blown rack system seems the perfect upgrade for the expected active lifestyle of the typical Audi allroader. In as much, Project B85 gets kitted. More…


b85 interior 280x160 photo Project B85 allroad: Interior Upgrade

While we love our Audi allroad and its Avant body style, we recognize that it’s not the most sporting offering ever to roll out of Ingolstadt. Yes, we lust for cars such as the RS 4 and RS 6, but as the only Avant sold in the USA, the allroad packaging and equipment were our only choice if we wanted a so-called “longroof” with four rings on the grille. More…