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1 October 2014

There’s no doubt that the new A3 sedan is Audi’s smallest when it comes to North American offerings, yet it looms hugely on the radar of enthusiasts lamenting the long-gone days of the B5 A4/S4 or simply looking for a first step into the Audi brand. As a result, we’re launching our second of three project car series based on the Typ 8V platform.

While our first Project A3 Sedan is essentially a fully-loaded S line that’s begun exploring the breadth of what the aftermarket has to offer, and our soon-to-be launched third project explores even higher into S-car territory (more to come on this – 4T ed.), this car tackles the lower end of the spectrum. What you see here is a non-S line 2.0 TFSI quattro. While it’s got a few options, it weighs in at decidedly more affordable in the A3 spectrum.Project OE A3: Introduction

To be specific, our car is a Florett Silver example set to the Premium Plus package level of equipment. It’s got black leather and aluminum mistral inlays, 18-inch 10-spoke alloys. Its only real option beyond that is Navigation plus. All told, it weighs in at $38,600 and represents effectively the “everyday A3” ¬†you might encounter at your friendly neighborhood Audi dealer. This was important, as we wanted to see just how good we could make an A3 and theorize that cars like our red S line spec Project A3 are already pretty damn good straight out of the factory. This one’s a little more “plain Jane”.Project OE A3: Introduction

When it comes to modifying our Project OE A3, one need look no further than the name in order to get where we’re going. We’re going to keep the car fairly OE, with any aftermarket modifications mainly limited to components you don’t touch or see when the car is sitting in front of you on the street. In other words, we’re not ruling out chip tuning or a lower and adjustable suspension.Project OE A3: Introduction

So, where does it go from here? Stay tuned, though those who’ve attended events like September’s H2O International or last weekend’s open hours at New German Performance have already gotten a sneak peek.

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