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5 August 2015

As you can see, our latest Project RS 7 by TAG Motorsports (a.k.a. #ProjectShark on TAG’s Instagram and twitter feeds) is coming along quite quickly. This time around, it gets a slight visual upgrade to the exterior with a carbon lip spoiler by Abt Sportsline, and it’s also already on to its second set of wheels… this time by BBS.spoiler

Abt Sportsline Carbon Fiber Decklid Spoiler
One of TAG’s favorite modifications for Audi’s A7/S7/RS 7 body style is the Abt Sportsline’s carbon decklid spoiler. This fully carbon spoiler is designed to sit atop the trailing edge of the factory mechanical decklid spoiler, improving downforce slightly and improving appearance as well. That Project RS 7 already has Audi’s own carbon fiber appearance package makes this piece even more appealing.

Installation of the Abt Sportsline carbon spoiler is quite easy, adhered simply with double sided tape. TAG has used this spoiler on several builds including their recent S7 demonstrator and have been extremely pleased with the quality, fit and finish. That it comes from Abt Sportsline, OE-like build quality with German TUV approval is the rule.

More Information: Abt Sportsline Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Add-OnTAG-RS7-BBS-18

A Second Set of Wheels, This Time from BBS
We’ve mentioned it before, and if you’re following this series then it should be very obvious, but this car being a TAG Motorsports in-house fleet car, it’s going to get a new set of shoes almost weekly. In fact, this is just the third installment of the series with the first introduction showing the car stock and TAG is already on to their second set of wheels.

This time around, TAG went with iconic German wheel company BBS. The move was a break from the norm for the firm that often specializes in modern American wheel companies like HRE, Vossen and ADV.1. Amongst these, BBS is the elder and likely better known in Europe. At times, like the R8 GRAND-AM, V8 DTM era and the IMSA GTO era, it has been a partner to Audi Sport and looks quite at home on a four-ringer.TAG-RS7-BBS-9

Enter BBS’ new split 5-spoke wheel design, the CIR. Specifically, TAG went with a 20-inch diameter, an inch smaller than the stock 21s, but looking good with the slimmed down design of the wheel and a more motorsport look thanks to extra meat of the tire sidewalls.

The open wheel face allows the new alloys to display the RS 7’s brakes perfectly. The finish is called Platinum Silver, which accents the car’s matte Daytona Grey paint perfectly.TAG-RS7-BBS-14

From TAG’s point of view, this is a great option for owners wanting a more OEM look or less harsh ride. That it also likely sheds some unsprung weight isn’t bad either.

Specifically, these ¬†wheels are 20×10″, with an offset of ET25. Tires paired with these wheels were Hankook’s V12 EVO2 in 275 35 20 sizing. Like BBS, Hankook has been a partner to Audi Sport in the DTM series and their V12 EVO2 is an aggressive sporting tire that suits the RS 7 well.TAG-RS7-BBS-8

More Information: BBS CI-R Wheels for Audi A7/S7/RS 7

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