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21 October 2015

As you might expect, the look of our Project RS 7 series done in cooperation with TAG Motorsports is continuing to evolve. The car recently took part in several events including SoCal Euro, and as such it needed a fresh look. One might even call it dark.rs7-f3q2

Not surprisingly, one easy way to change the look of the car considerably was a new set of shoes. This time around, TAG Motorsports turned to California-based Rotiform and their SPF wheel offering.rs7-rotiform

As wheel designs go, the Rotiform SPF bears more than a striking resemblance to the split-V spoke alloy wheel fitted as factory equipment on cars like the Audi RS 4 Avant in Europe and RS 5 here in the USA. In as much, the SPF also gives the car a look with echoes of original factory design.rs7-f3q

Like many companies selling modular wheels, one can order their wheels in a tailored configuration. Given their preference for a buttoned-up yet one-off look, TAG Motorsports opted for just such an order, finishing these SPF wheels in satin black on their faces and high gloss black on the outer lip.profile

In addition to new wheels, TAG Motorsports also continued to tailor the overall look of the RS 7 itself with a few key changes. For starters, this included a more evil appearance with TAG’s own Cosmetic Package that included black painted four ring logos front and rear, RS 7 grille badge and RS 7 rear badge.┬áThe dark look goes one step further with an update to the car’s titanium Akrapovic exhaust by fitting a set of the exhaust company’s gloss black exhaust tips.rs7-r3q2

With so many of the car’s cues darkened or blacked-out altogether, TAG decided to inject some bold colored brake calipers in order to finish off the new appearance – often a signature of a TAG Motorsports build. This time around, that meant Porsche Acid Green paint and, as always, the factory logos are retained.r3q3

Check out more photos of Project RS 7’s latest look in our photo gallery linked below this story. Also, check out the entire Project RS 7 series via the series’ index page HERE.

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