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10 July 2015

There’s no doubt that today’s mix of RS-designated Audis is the widest and richest the brand has ever offered. King amongst them must certainly be the RS 7. No, it’s not a blister flared and bonkers station wagon like the RS 6, but it shares that car’s insanely potent drivetrain yet packages it in an elegant and muscular four door coupe form. That seems a fair trade off. Given the RS “king” status and also the fact that a freshened RS 7 has just dropped, this seemed like a great opportunity to launch our latest project build series.

Of course, the already amazing RS 7 in its most basic guise starts at $108,900 here in the USA. That’s no small sum, nor is the myriad of tuning that can go along with it. In order to do a Project RS 7 series correctly, we felt we needed to change our mindset and for that we turned to a firm very familiar with customizing Audi’s latest, greatest and often most expensive models. Enter TAG Motorsports, the San Diego-based firm that’s been building just these sorts of cars for years.rs7-1

In our first meeting with TAG Motorsports’ chief Alex Andonian and marketing manager John Holdridge at last year’s SEMA Show and when the idea of an RS 7 project car was first pitched to us, we knew these guys were onto something. They’re regulars in the Southern California Audi scene, significant players in the online Audi community and constantly pushing the style and performance schema. This particular RS 7 was ordered as an asset for TAG to show off so much of what they can do, meaning the car will not only receive a thorough list of upgrades, but it’ll fit new wheel designs at a pace with which we’ll be challenged to keep up. (insert clever pop culture volume reference here)rs7-3

The RS 7 in question, the one you see here, was spec ordered by Andonian via long time TAG partner Audi San Diego. Given TAG likes to be first with most new platforms, the car was basically ordered as soon as the facelift order guides were made available.

The order details read as follows. Skipping the vinyl trend, TAG went with Daytona Grey matte paint with black interior. The car also got the Carbon Optic Package (with quattro front grille), Alcantara headliner, Bang & Olufsen Audio, Driver Assistance Package, Sport Exhaust, 21-inch titanium finish Blade Design wheels and Power Closing Doors.rs7-2

Jealous yet?

Four and a half painfully long months later, the car arrived. Before it even went home, the RS 7 first made a visit to AutoArmour for an application of XPEL Stealth Clear bra over the entire body. As matte paints can be difficult to maintain, the layer of XPEL will help protect the car’s look over time.rs7-7

So where does it go from here? Without spoiling, it will go a lot of directions very, very quickly. Alex, John and the team at TAG have already begun teasing their first few modifications. A quick update call with them yesterday had us realizing that if we don’t launch the series right away, we’ll quickly be left behind.

So, here we go…

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Editor’s Note: TAG Motorsports’ Alex Andonian has been kind enough to start a build thread about Project RS 7 in our C7 forum. Click the discussion link below in order to see more and even get some teasers about what’s coming up next.

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