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21 May 2015

With a new car, there’s often a baseline of modifications you really try to do right out of the gate. Window tints certainly qualify. Just getting this project up and running, adding tint to this new S3 sedan wasn’t just an aesthetic improvement but also a functional one.

Of course the first step in the process was finding a qualified shop local to me. This was the first time since relocating to Northern, VA that I’ve had need to tint a vehicle and so I really had no go-to shop I’d already been familiar with. Fortunately, I was able to fall back on resources like Yelp. Using the online consumer review site, I was able to find a well respected installer by the name of TintFX  in Fairfax, VA. Positive feedback for TintFX was considerable, so I called them up and set an appointment.Project S3 Sedan: Window Tint

Now most people probably wouldn’t think watching your car get tinted is exciting, but this was. From the moment I pulled in to the moment I left, I doubt no more than an hour passed. After choosing the 3M Color Stable 35% tint film for all 4 windows and the rear glass (consult your local tint laws), a team of techs went to work immediately and began overlaying the tint so that they could gauge sizing and measurements. Not very long after that, the car was complete and parked outside where I could check out the final product.Project S3 Sedan: Window Tint

For a popular car that’s been around for a long time, tint may even come pre-cut via templates. At the time of this installation though, the Audi S3 sedan was simply too new. This required the TintFX team to hand cut the film in order to fit the car, but that didn’t seem to matter. It was incredible how precise their work was. The final fitment was absolutely perfect – no bubbles, scratches, cuts, or even uneven lines.Project S3 Sedan: Window Tint


Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, I usually can always find an imperfection in something yet after checking out each window – I couldn’t find anything. It goes without saying, I couldn’t be happier. The film itself matches and contrasts well with the car’s Daytona Grey Pearl color.

Up next… a subtle contrast change with matte tint. Stay tuned.

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