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3 June 2013

Editor’s Note: Just in case you don’t recognize the name Nick Salvatore, here’s a quick reminder. Nick is a regular contributor to the Speed:Sport:Life blog and was the owner and author of our own Project S5 Glut series. Having run its course, Nick has traded that orange S5 for a new car – a Glacier White Audi S7. Maybe you shouldn’t be surprised then when you learn that this new S7 will also be the subject of a series here on Fourtitude. With that let me introduce to you both Nick Salvatore and our new Project S7.

“Why didn’t you do Orange Again?”

“Why not a crazy color?”

It was a common reaction once people learned my newly purchased Audi S7 was, in fact, not a custom hue and not even a hue at all, but a shade. Glacier White to be exact.

To be candid, it wasn’t lack of trying and looking. I spent months chasing down Audi Exclusive colors, specifically for an S6. The reality of a possible S7 was never even planned until about three weeks ago.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I didn’t love the S7. I did. I just didn’t love it for the premium pricing over the S6.

Project S7: Introduction

A sudden turn of luck and opportunity presented itself and I jumped on it. The reality in the reason I had such a difficult time choosing an Audi Exclusive color on an S6 had little to do with the actual color options and everything to do with the S6. The S6 is a fantastic sedan in its own right and, while completely subjective, my struggle was that subconsciously I was trying to replace the cosmetic lust I had with the design of my S5. For me, no color could accomplish that.

All of this didn’t come to realization until I saw the opportunity for the S7 and jumped at it instantly. In doing so, I immediately felt that void fill, even if just in my head or, more likely, my heart. The S7 was it.

Finding one proved nearly impossible and for weeks I chased a few around the entire US. No local available inventory existed at my three Houston-area dealers. Any Audi stores that did happen to have an S7 would not trade them nor were they very interested in working with a guy calling from Houston to buy their car.

Then, as luck would have it, a car materialized. It turns out this S7 had been used as a display vehicle and thus nobody’d yet snapped it up. The S7 came equipped with Glacier White exterior and Black Diamond Stich Sport Seats. It’s also got Carbon Atlas trim, black headliner, full LED headlights and the amazing innovation package that would make even Tony Stark feel right at home.

Project S7: Introduction

I’ve come to refer to this upcoming series as Project Supercar 7 – and anyone with an understanding of the heart in the S7 knows why. The 4 liter, twin turbo V8 that Audi utilizes in its latest mix of S-cars is simply phenomenal. Ingolstadt humbly suggests that the 4.0 TFSI engine produces 420 hpand 405 lb-ft of torque. However, like the infamous 3.0 TFSI engine found in the S4, Audi has over delivered in actual performance. Numbers on the S7 were logged at 480 hp and 464T lb-ft during a recent baseline dyno test by our friends at APR.  This application within the S6/S7 platform of V8 + Turbo Boost + Launch Control + Dual Clutch Manual & quattro all-wheel drive produce 0-60 times in the high 3 second range, and that is all in a car that weighs 4500 lbs. Amazing.

No doubt Audi enthusiasts are waiting with baited breath to see what comes for this car from the aftermarket. APR has already alluded to 560 hp and 580 lb-ft from a simple ECU upgrade. This moves 0-60 mph down to the mid 3s. They’ve even logged quarter mile runs in the mid 11s. Supercar performance? Indeed.

My previous Project Glut S5 took a bit of time to develop. Over time we worked with well-known players in the Audi field. APR, AWE, Michelin, H&R and BBS where all partners on that project. With some industry knowledge now under my belt, I have already started work on this new project. The timeframe will be a bit more expedited as we have some big plans for the car as we’re gunning for display at SEMA and a request has already been made for the car to display at an industry trade show even before then. The goal here is to lead, marking one of the first significantly built S7s as we explore the newly developing and highly-anticipated aftermarket for these vehicles.

I want to personally thank Momentum Audi in Houston, TX and my sales assistants Sarah and Yuri. They have made purchasing this vehicle the best car-buying experience I have ever had.

Stay tuned, the first installment is already in the works. Photos are being taken. Words written. Small tweaks and modifications have begun – all in the process to prep the car for its upcoming transformation!

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