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20 January 2015

When last we left Project S7, the car was on a rapid path of evolution ahead of its showing at the 2014 SEMA Show. We covered a lot of ground in a short time, so we’re taking a breather with the build-up. In the meantime, the car’s been making rounds having its picture taken.Project S7 (photo: Si Gray)


We were a bit slammed headed into SEMA. Saying we were last minute is a bit of an understatement when you consider some of the parts went on the car after it was already on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center. HRE delivered the car’s stunning new wheels and a set of Michelin Pilots more than 24 hours after the car rolled into place… though before the show actually opened.Project S7 (photo: Si Gray)

Quite obviously, we never had a chance to take any beauty shots of the car. Ideas of heading out to the nearby Valley of Fire national park in the day leading up to SEMA were tossed due to lack of time. We’d have to get the beauty shots after SEMA.Project S7 (photo: Si Gray)

Following a visit to HRE headquarters in San Diego and having a shoot done by them, Project S7 headed to L.A. for a date with our UK-based show photographer Si Gray. Si (short for “Simon” and not pronounced like the Spanish word for “yes”) is a bit of a fixture in the UK.Project S7 (photo: Si Gray)

In addition to the even photography our readers probably associate him with, Si’s main claim to fame is shooting feature cars for UK print magazines like Performance VW. It is on shoots like this that the man’s discerning eye and attention to detail really shine.Project S7 (photo: Si Gray)

So there you are. Si shot the car and sent us the photos. We decided to wait until CES and Detroit had passed so we could give them some proper attention. Also, it was fun to mess with Nick who tried every trick in the book to get us to share them with him.Project S7 (photo: Si Gray)

Alas, we made Nick wait too. Nick’s just had his first child, and as he likely learned with that, all good things come with time. We know this work Si Gray is fantastic, so we wanted to let it brew a few weeks. Congratulations Nick. Thanks Si.

We hope you enjoy these photos. You’ll find the full set via our photo gallery linked below this story.


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