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San Francisco filmmaker Jason Crouch of 4/3 films documents the build of his Sprint Blue Audi TTS coupe for this project and video series. Photos for this series by Cole Kelly.

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tts sf intro cover 280x160 photo Project TTS:SF – Introduction

All things considered, Jason Crouch was likely a perfect candidate for a Fourtitude project car series even before he shared his love for filmmaking and expressed an interest in helping this website produce its first video-based project car series.


under hood cover 280x160 photo Project TTS:SF – Installment 2, What’s Going on in There? plus Webisode 2

Recently we introduced our Project Audi TTS:SF project car series complete with video webisodes. In this installment we’ll cover a few initial installments that have upgraded the car here and there before we begin to really delve into upgraded components. We’ll go over what pieces we have swapped out and what the rationale was for […] More…


ceramic cover 280x160 photo Project TTS-SF: Methanol & Ceramic

In the last installment of our Audi TTS Project car we covered all of the current engine and interior modifications to get up to speed with the car as it stood at the beginning of this series. This time around we’ve gone for our first “go-fast” mod, and our first “slow-down” mod. With some previous […] More…


neuspeed cover 280x160 photo Project TTS:SF – Installment 4, Linked-in with Neuspeed

In our previous installment we upped the ante with a methanol injection kit by AEM. We also upgraded the brake pads to Hawk ceramics, and changed out the OEM brake lines for the Neuspeed stainless steel braided lines. This installment we wanted to do something totally different. I had a trip planned to visit with […] More…


tts sf kw 280x160 photo Project TTS-SF: APR Stage I ECU Upgrade and KW Coilovers

When it comes down to finding a shop to help continue a project, choosing carefully will save you a world of hurt. As Project TTS:SF has begun to pick up cadence, it was time to get more acquainted with a local tuner and the choice seemed natural. After a recent accident left the hub of […] More…


tts sf stage3 cover 280x160 photo Project TTS-SF: APR Tuned Stage 3

In our previous installment we flashed the ECU of our Audi TTS with that old APR magic to Stage 1. We also became the first mag-ride equipped Audi in North America to utilize the new KW Suspension “Elektronics kit”, defeating the CEL’s that usually go along with that while creating a beautifully handling and properly […] More…


wheels cover 280x160 photo Project TTS-SF: HRE Wheels & Goodyear Eagle F1 Tires

In our previous installment we traveled from California to Alabama to visit the guys at APR and get the car pushed up to the 400hp mark. They accomplished this using their excellent Stage 3 turbo kit developed for the TTS, which utilizes a GT2871 turbo. And with much higher levels of power, it seemed a […] More…


spoiler cover 280x160 photo Project TTS-SF: Audi Accessories Spoiler and Custom Silver Optics Package

For this installment we’re going full circle in the modding game and heading back to the dealership to install some premium pieces from the Audi Accessories catalog. If you are a fan of modding like me, you are always on the lookout for tasty bits from your favorite aftermarket companies. More…


webisode 9 280x160 photo Project TTS-SF Part 9: Coils, Oils and More

In our last installment we brought our project car back to the dealership where we painted the front lip and upgraded to a new fixed rear spoiler. This time around we are going to spend some time replacing and upgrading some of the little things that make up more of a big picture. Way back […] More…


tts exhaust cover 280x160 photo Project TTS-SF: Waiting to Exhale

Welcome to installment 10 in our 12 show series for the TTS/SF project car build-up for In our last installment, we traded out 4 items to coincide with all of the new power mods that Project TTS/SF had seen during the initial 8 webisodes of this series. With our next installment of Project TTS-SF, […] More…


tts sf alarm cover 280x160 photo Project TTS-SF: Cause for Alarm

Without getting into actual numbers, I’ve got a lot invested in upgrading this TTS’ power, style and audio upgrades highlighted in this webisode series. Even if with no modifications at all, having a car stolen is something no owner wants to experience. It’s a point of pride. You love your car and the modifications that go along with it so why not make it harder or near impossible for anyone to take. More…


brembo cover 280x160 photo Project TTS-SF: Braking It In with Brembo

In case you haven’t yet noticed Project TTS/SF has gone from our originally planned 12 installments to our new schedule. Now there will be 14 installments for your viewing pleasure. Everybody loves horsepower and torque and this installment contends with the other side of the coin. Bringing a high horsepower car to a halt. OK, […] More…


tts sf audison cover 280x160 photo Project TTS/SF – Audio Upgrades

So when one starts planning out the mods to a car, one thinks in terms of power and style, naturally. Which makes good sense, but what happens if you are an audiophile and want to extrapolate more from your stereo? Over my period of ownership of the TTS, I’ve found that its BOSE system had its limitations and after a great deal of research, found this was mostly due to the factory speakers and amps. More…