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6 February 2012

Editor’s Note: Here at Fourtitude we’ve got a proud history of great project cars submitted by contributing writers, and also filmmakers in the case of Jason Crouch. Fans of Jason’s TTS-SF webisode series likely know that the project has run its course and the blue (now wrapped matte green) TTS is up for sale and on the market. In the meantime, Jason is moving on, developing a project for our sister site VWvortex, and using his film company 4/3 Films to begin a quick series about an S5 coupe that we’re happy to introduce – Project S/P/S S5. What is S/P/S? Read on.

Also watch video HERE.

There is no denying the fact that Audi hit a home run with the S5. The entire package has become legendary. Purists would insist that the car needs no modifications and is “just fine” as is. I can respect that group, but this 2-part installment is aimed at sharing my build experience with people who believe that some small improvements can be made both in terms of Power and Style to give a little bit more polish to a nearly perfect specimen.

My name is Ernie and this is my 2009 Audi S5 V8. For anyone who has already driven any of the cars with a variant of Audi’s 4.2 FSI, you know that it has brutal acceleration and a nice exhaust tone. However, I’m not the kind of guy to leave well enough alone and knew there was some potential power to uncover as well as some modifications I could put together to really set the coupe’s style off right.

Being in San Francisco meant a quick trip up to Tomas Sport Tuning in the East Bay, to get cracking on bringing this car up to speed and style. Detuned from the B7 RS4s 420bhp, I got to wondering what the aftermarket may have to bring the number more in line with the RS. After a bit of nosing around on the Fourtitude S5 forum I was convinced that AWE Tuning and GIAC had a great complete program for this car. I had also noticed some other members with the same exhaust picked up the EuroGearUSA Carbon Fiber rear valance, to complete the visual transformation of the back end of the S5.

This installment is all about Power. From the factory the S5’s V8 produces 354 bhp and 325lbs of torque at the crank. Aside from wanting more juice, I also wanted to get some more growl out of the car. It sounds a bit subtle from the factory, so the AWE complete system was ordered up, complete with downpipes.

Tim Tomas and his crew were quick to get started on the removal of the old OEM system in order to make way for the more pronounced AWE set up. One of the first things we all noticed was the difference in weight between the two systems. Lowering the weight couldn’t possibly hurt so that was a clear bonus. The AWE setup with the polished tips increases the pipe diameter to 2.5” in order to help the 4.2 exhale more freely. The quality of the craftsmanship is evident by the .065” wall T-304 stainless tubing which has a very substantial feel and oozes quality.

Likewise the EuroGearUSA valance is clearly a high quality piece that replaced the stock grey piece in a matter of minutes, fully transforming the rear of the car to go along with the awesome slash cut polished AWE tips. The Tomas guys all commented afterwards about how clean and easy the install went and we were all pretty blown away by how raw and purposeful this set up sounds. My S5 represents pure European muscle and the AWE exhaust has really given it a voice.

Before I brought the car to Tomas, I ran it up north to Kovacs Motors in Marin for the GIAC flash, which would act as the foundation of these mods. GIAC smoothes out the power-band and once it was coupled with the AWE downpipe back exhaust, the gains were truly realized. We ended up seeing a gain of 18hp and 12 lbs of torque, which took the power figures to a total of 271 HP and 266 lbs of torque at the wheels.

Overall I got what I wanted, which was to bump up the grunt and hear it as well. This was exactly what I was after and I couldn’t be happier!

Tune in to our second installment where we’ll watch Tomas fit some new bits from DPE Wheels, Toyo Tires and H&R Springs in the STYLE installment here on next month.



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