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27 January 2010

There’s just something about those three letters T-T-S. Originally affixed to a basically race-ready mini car in the 60s from now-defunct NSU, the nomenclature would eventually pop up on the uber cool Audi TTS concept car – a modern-day speedster with cool baseball glove leather. Alas, there wouldn’t be a production TTS for enthusiasts to purchase until Audi’s latest second-generation car, but that hasn’t eroded the cool factor. Even better, the hybrid aluminum space frame of this new car combined with improved dynamics and the most potent version yet of Audi’s 2.0T engine make one very compelling case for enthusiasts including Fourtitude contributor Jason Crouch.

In many ways Crouch is the model TTS consumer. He’s young and upwardly mobile – a style-minded city-dweller from San Francisco who wants performance to cut up Northern California canyons yet still enjoy the Audi’s efficiency and not feel guilty blasting down the green streets of San Francisco. Jason is also an Audi veteran, not new to the performance scene and having traded a much-loved and personally tailored A3 in for this Sprint Blue Coupe.

All things considered, Jason Crouch was likely a perfect candidate for a Fourtitude project car series even before he shared his love for filmmaking and expressed an interest in helping this website produce its first video-based project car series.

As usual, we’ll detail many facets surrounding the build of this Audi. Expect the same written installments and photo galleries we usually include with such a series but there will also be a bonus. With each installment, Crouch will also be producing short webisodes that also tell the story.

Below is a quick introduction by Jason himself, both written and on the small screen. Enjoy.


Introducing Jason Crouch and Project TTS:SF
I didn’t think it could get any better than the A3 2.0T, which was my first Audi. The 2.0T is such a fantastic engine in so many ways, namely reliability and tuneability. Thankfully it happens to be a very popular engine so that meant aftermarket parts would be plentiful. The styling of the A3 is so on-point, that I knew I would never tire of its aesthetic. The only real problem with the A3 was that Audi introduced the very compelling second-generation TT roughly one year after I bought my A3. Two years into A3 ownership the case for Audi’s new aluminum coupe became even more compelling when spy photos and video from the Nurburgring revealed what would eventually be announced as the TTS.

The mix of style and tech was one I found irresistible. Combine the coveted 265-hp version of the 2.0T from the Audi S3 with the design of the new TT …where do I sign up? So in January of 2009 I stopped by Rector Audi in Burlingame, near San Francisco and saw her sitting in the corner with a set of foam suspension blocks and clad in the typical transit packing panels.


Sprint Blue, is a color I would never had considered for any car other than perhaps the B7 RS4. However, it just made good sense to coat the curves of this beautifully designed car with a color as rich and deserving as Sprint Blue. The hue has a tendency to capture its share of attention on the roads and compliments the TT’s sloping arches nicely. In addition to the car’s augmented 2.0T, the TTS also comes fully loaded with; quattro, navigation, full leather, parktronic and Audi’s Magnetic Ride. I’d say that for the money you’d be hard pressed to find a car in the Audi line up that is more primed for an owner who seeks to tailor and modify his car to his own performance needs. I personally believe that any car that bares the “S” emblem should be a minimum of 300bhp, so these new options should make things interesting.


So maybe it’s time for an introduction. My name is Jason and I am from San Francisco, CA. Much like most of my fellow Audi enthusiasts, I started out my need for speed with skateboarding. In 1992 I found a British Magazine called TopCar, and that eventually turned to Maxpower and Performance VW. So I have always appreciated it when people would march to their own beat, and make tasteful, refined modifications to their cars. In 1999 I developed a passion for filmmaking. Which is why I am hopeful that this will make this car build-up even more engaging than anything you’ve ever seen done before. In addition to write-ups and photos, you will also notice that I am producing a series of 12 webisodes to chronicle the build up of this TTS. They will be part information, part DIY and some high speed driving on the great roads of Northern California. To my knowledge this is not something that has been done successfully before. Anyhow, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…..

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