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2,200 HP Huracan Hits 217 MPH in 1500 Feet

Underground Racing is widely known for taking already ferocious Lamborghinis (among other things) and turning them up to 11. Case in point, this twin turbocharged, 2,200 hp Lamborghini Huracan that just hit 217 mph in a rolling drag race.

As Carscoops points out, 217 mph is the same speed a Lamborghini Aventador tops out at, and according to the driver of this Huracan, the car’s wheels were slipping when it hit 211 mph, so the extra horsepower is as noticeable as having an actual horse in the passenger seat.

If you’re a Huracan owner who’s suddenly feeling envy’s sting, Underground Racing will happily provide you with the balm. For only $49,000 you can get your exotic up to 800 bhp, but it’ll cost you $150,000 to get your Huracan up to 2,000 hp.

Now that may sound like a lot, especially when you factor in the price of the Huracan, but remember, a Bugatti Chiron only makes 1,500 hp and that thing costs $2.5 million. And it’s not like you’ll be laughed off Amelia Island in your Lambo (I assume) so, really, this is the bargain of the century.

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