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Audi A7 as Getaway Car from UK Robbery Hits 145 MPH Before Being Ditched

Maybe one of the things that makes the Audi S8 in the movie Ronin just such legendary product placement for Ingolstadt is the truism. When thieves want to make a hasty getaway, an Audi is a quick and effective way to transport you or your gang. Case in point is this most recent gang from the UK who employed a stolen Audi A7.

The four man team of masked thieves were attempting to break into an ATM when they were interrupted by police. Making their getaway in the stolen A7, the group managed to out run ground-based police cars by hitting speeds of 145 mph on the M42 motorway.

Alas, while they were too quick for the pursuing police cars, they were not able to out run a helicopter using infrared cameras. After ditching the A7 in an apartment complex, the group was rounded up by the local constabulary who later released this video no doubt to send a message to other gangs who might try similar actions.

More on this story via the HERE.

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