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Audi and NVIDIA Promise Full Automated Driving by 2020

Audi has paired up with popular manufacturer of video cards, NVIDIA, to tackle the problem of driverless cars. In a move that’s sure to make Steven Spielberg weep, they announced today at CES that they would be working on artificial intelligence systems.

NVIDIA is perhaps best known as a manufacturer of graphics processors, but it’s been working with Audi for a while now and was even an important partner in the creation of Audi’s MMI infotainment system.

Together, the companies are working on building an AI that learns how to drive, rather than trying to program for every possible scenario.

Audi’s deep learning vehicles constantly record what the driver is doing and what is going on on the road ahead to learn how to drive.

At CES, Audi’s Q7 piloted driving concept will go for several laps of a course that Audi changes mid-demonstration to show how adaptable the driverless system is.

Not only does the course change, the Q7 will also drive on dirt and grass (either intentionally or Audi is hedging its bets) to show that the system uses virtual intelligence, not just lane markers.


Like Delphi’s demonstration, Audi and NVIDIA want to show that piloted driving is ready for the road, promising that they will bring full automated driving to public roads in 2020.

“Audi’s adoption of our DRIVE computing platform will accelerate the introduction of next-generation automated vehicles, moving us closer to a future of greater driving safety and new mobility services,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

Until then, Audi will introduce the first level 3 automated vehicle, the A8, later this year. Audi will also start testing automated driving on public roads in California and other states next year.

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