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Audi museum mobile: Double-Exhibition and Large Calendar

With a double exhibition, the 2014 event season at Audi museum mobile comes to an end.  The exhibition “Years Later” runs from November 12th until February 28th featuring outstanding models from Audi’s recent history – as a substantive sequel to the permanent historical exhibition. During the same period for the first time, a second special exhibition: “Daily Drivers” the 2015 Audi Tradition calendar is presented on large format printing.

At the opening of the Audi museum mobile in 2000, Audi established a tradition to not include any automobiles in the permanent exhibition that is not at least ten years old. Since then, Audi has an updated story including numerous classic cars and technological milestones. These are now the subject of a new exhibition “Years Later”. In addition to the Audi TT design icon, it shows both classics such as the fourth generation Audi 80 as well as modern legends such as the Audi RS2, first generation RS4 and the Audi A2. The motorsport exhibition focuses on the R18 e-tron and the R8 LMS, and allows the Audi RSQ studies and the Audi Urban Project to give a glimpse into the future of mobility.

At the same time the Audi museum mobile presents the twelve subjects of the 2015 Audi Tradition calendar 2015 on the ground floor. While most old-timers are in museums and collections, not driven not touched, Audi’s new calendar “Daily Drivers” asks the question: How would it look like if we used classic cars as daily drivers?  The calendar offers twelve answers from work and leisure – experienced in a classic automobile with photographs from Stefan Warter.

“Daily Drivers” is available from November 12 at Audi museum mobile gift shop in Ingolstadt, or online.

(Source: Dpp-car Reporter / wpr)

Translation by Fortitude

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