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Audi Performance Car Sales at Full Throttle in USA

Strong demand for top-of-the line and performance models was behind the record-setting October sales posted by Audi of America.

Overall sales rose by 14.5 percent in the month compared with a year ago, to 11,708 vehicles, and gave the brand its best October in history as well as the 22nd consecutive month of sales records.

Most remarkable was the facts that sales of Audi premium-category vehicles – the Audi A8, Audi A7, Audi A6 and Audi Q7 – comprised more than 34 percent of total October sales, an increase of more than one-third compared with the proportion of premium vehicles sold in October 2011.

What’s more, sales of the premium line were paced by torrid U.S. consumer demand for recently introduced and new performance versions of those nameplates, including the Audi S6, Audi S7, Audi S8 and Audi RS 5.

“The newly launched models,” Mark Del Rosso, Chief Operating Officer, said in a press release, “have been huge success stories by virtually selling out shortly after hitting showrooms.”

For example, at the end of October, U.S. dealers had only a threadbare 5-day supply of Audi RS 5 on hand, and in October sold an average of three RS 5 units a day.

The figures for the “S” performance models were just as impressive: Audi S6, a 14-day supply, and October sales pace of four per day; Audi S7, an 8-day supply and sales of two per day; and Audi S8, a 12-day supply and sales of five per day.

And the S8 carries a retail price of more than $100,000.

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