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24 July 2012

In a surprise move today, Audi AG revealed photos and details of its updated R8 range. Within the mix was one particular model that stood out – the R8 V10 plus coupe. Fans of Audi’s skunkworks quattro GmbH are well aware of what the ‘plus’ nomenclature suggests – an augmented version of a particular high-performance model. On first glance, the car seems to be a more mainstream take on the super limited R8 GT. Limited information was provided in the full line press release but closer inspection on the consumer website has led us to further information.

Below is further text from Audi’s German market consumer website, translated to English by our staff. Accompanying this is a mix of photography revealed via various channels of Audi. Here we’ve done our best to make sure our readers have all of the information available. We hope you enjoy it.

Begin Text.

How would it look if Audi could make a super sports cars more sporty? More? Easier? Fascinating? We have found the answer to these questions: the Audi R8 V10 coupe plus. From the racy genes of the R8 and the Audi’s ultra-innovative technologies we have created a vehicle that has become staggering in the truest sense of the word.

The Audi R8 V10 plus keeps what its name promises: Due to an intelligent mix of materials and material targeted savings, this car represents pure athleticism – with ease. This principle is seen by many standard carbon-fiber components in the interior and exterior. The result: the right material in the right quantity at the right place. You get the of the R8 V10 plus at the first acceleration. With the increased engine output of 404 kW (550 hp), this new R8 variant is capable of 0-100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

The exterior of the Audi R8 V10 coupe is particularly athletic plus: The distinctive side blades and the rear diffuser are made of carbon fiber.

The front makes it immediately clear what power the Audi R8 V10 plus. The deep front spoiler is made of carbon fiber, as are the door mirrors. The standard ceramic brakes save about 12 kilograms compared to the standard R8 brake system. Less weight means more power in connection with, finally one thing: more agility. This is reflected in the impressive power to weight: 2.9 kg / hp * , promising breathtaking driving pleasure.

* Value for R8 V10 Plus with S tronic.

Consumption and emissions:
• Combined fuel consumption: 14.9 to 12.9 l/100 km
• CO2 emissions combined: 346-299 g / km

Further Analysis from Fourtitude Staff
From our augmented collection of photography of the R8 V10 plus, we can make a few deductions. First, it appears the car will skip most of the bodily upgrades featured on the GT such as fixed rear wing, winglets on the front or carbon fiber bumper skins. Even still, the ultra will be rich in carbon fiber trim and also receive the same 5-spoke alloys featured on the GT – only seen finished in black in these photos.

Inside the plus will make use of those fantastic Recaro shell seats (at least in Europe). Trim such as seat centers and steering wheel will be swathed in alcantara while the full carbon fiber trim offerings look to be included, finished in high gloss unlike the matte look of the GT.

There is no word as of yet whether there will be an R8 V10 plus Spyder. None of the material released thus far mention such a car though the fact that there was an R8 GT Spyder suggests that perhaps the idea of such a vehicle won’t be out of the question.

See more photos of the Audi R8 plus via the gallery link HERE and at the bottom. Also watch the car in motion and hear its tone via video footage posted below.

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