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Audi Receives Felix Burda Award for Workplace Health Checks

With their latest award, Audi further proves that it’s not just a good place to work, it’s downright good for your health.  Earning the Felix Burda Award for their “Actively tackling cancer” screening initiative, Audi AG has taken the cause of proactive health care one step further by offering on-site talks with experts about sport, nutrition and cancer screenings, as well as a walk-in model to show participants first hand what early warning signs of cancer look like.  Since the “Audi checkup” program began in 2006, more than 80,000 tests have been performed.

Read the full press release below.

  • First place in the “Workplace health checks” category 
  • Increased awareness through “Actively tackling cancer” screening concept 
  • Dr. Joachim Stork, Head of Audi’s Health Care department: “We want to maintain and improve the good health of our employees” 

A successful approach to a sensitive topic: AUDI AG has won this year’s Felix Burda Award with its “Actively tackling cancer” screening concept. Representatives of Audi’s Health Care department accepted the award in the “Workplace health checks” category at a gala in Munich moderated by Thomas Hermanns on Sunday evening.

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