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Audi Releases RS Q3 Video Footage, More Pics, MicroSite on

First details on the new Audi RS Q3 were dropped just yesterday and 24 hours later we’re able to report on additional content released from Audi. These include video, more photos including high-res wallpaper and an RS Q3 microsite on the German market website.

First up is the video. Watch a video trailer of the latest RS-car below.

Next up are the photos and microsite. Audi has updated their German market website, but the usual mix of multimedia around each model can still be found there. Interestingly, while we’re able to see a number of photos of the RS Q3, we’re only able to download the first two as wallpaper. We’re not sure if this is a programming bug related to the new site or a new way of presenting. On the old site you could download each of the shots as a wallpaper. Either way, we’re sure RS Q3 fans will want to check it out. We’ve used one of the wallpaper shots as a header in this story and the rest can be found HERE:

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