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Audi Takes Worldwide Lead in Luxury Car Sales over BMW and Mercedes

We’re just days away from another monthly sales figure report from Audi, but we feel the need to dwell one last time on last month’s sales. Of course, it was yet another record sales month for Audi of America in a long unbroken line of such months, but it’s what happened on the world level that is most worth highlighting. In short, Audi edged out rivals BMW and Mercedes in order to take the lead in luxury car sales around the globe.

Specifically, Audi grew 2.5 % for a grand total of 152,850 units last month. In contrast, BMW sold 148,896 and Mercedes sold 148,072.

This is news worth celebrating, but it doesn’t suggest there aren’t more challenges worth welcoming. For one, BMW still remains the world sales leader in annual volume even though Audi is challenging that title. Brand B also currently outpaces Audi in the critical American market, although Audi enjoys its own lead in the critical Chinese sales zone.

Good news for those backing Audi, Ingolstadt has a strong plan set to help assure dominance. New models like the Q1 and Q8 are in the chute, while the rest of the range is dialed in to a rapid renewal cycle in order to keep the Audi family fresh and equipped with the latest technology and luxuries.

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