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Audi Tradition Details Highlights of This Year’s Techno Classica

Techno Classica is one of those events that just sort-of sneaks up on us each year.  Now in its 28th year, Techno Classica is a four-day ode to the history of the automobile, with each manufacturer bringing out notable models from their past.  Each year Audi puts on one of the more impressive displays, showcasing vehicles maintained by Audi Tradition.
Audi Tradition presents “rarities” at the Techno Classica cl
For this year’s event, Audi Tradition will show numerous vehicles including their Avus quattro and quattro Spyder concepts for the first time since 1991, as well as the 1987 Group S rally prototype- a car built specifically for a series that never happened.
Audi Tradition presents “rarities” at the Techno Classica cl
The Avus quattro featured a mid-mounted W12 power plant when it was originally unveiled at the 1991 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, and weighed just 2400lbs due to an all-aluminum body.  It was a vehicle that Audi had planned to build, but the target price of 100,000 German marks was simply not feasible.
Audi Tradition presents “rarities” at the Techno Classica cl
Techno Classica runs from April 6th-10th in Essen, Germany. Read Audi’s full press release on the event below.

  • Highlights: Audi quattro Spyder and Audi Avus quattro
  • At the Audi booth: rarely exhibited prototypes from the company’s history 
  • Exhibition from April 6–10 in Essen

The Audi Tradition exhibit at this year’s Techno Classica in Essen centers around rarities from the company’s history. The world’s biggest classic car exhibition expects around 190,000 visitors from April 6 to 10. Highlights at the company’s booth are the Audi quattro Spyder and the Audi Avus quattro. The company presented both prototypes for the first time in 1991. Other singular and rarely shown models round out the show. The Audi booth features, for example, the Audi Group S rally prototype with mid-engine and the only existing Audi motorcycle.

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