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Audi TT RS, RS 3 Sedan, RS 5 Coupé U.S. Timeframes Confirmed, Plus other RS Conjecture

Make no mistake about it, the new Audi Sport initiative intended to tie Ingolstadt’s uber impressive motorsport creds to an aggressively growing portfolio of performance street cars is just getting started. Branding is in place, executives are being positioned and dealers trained. The game is afoot, and in as much RS-cars are about to start dropping at a cadence those of us in the USA haven’t seen before.

No doubt Audi of America emphasized this when it revealed its plans (along with the new RS 3 sedan) to its U.S. dealer base as part of the Audi Summit that took place recently in Austin, TX and theaters around the country. More recently, a believed legit chart mapping out upcoming new models for the U.S. market details things even further.


Specifically, the map defines timeframes for several new RS models. These include the TT RS Coupé (April 2017), the RS 3 sedan (August 2017) and RS 5 Coupé (2018). It also included an R8 Spyder and V6T version, though we’ve already touched on those so will skip them for this RS-update.

Interestingly, this is just part of the story. The same reveal of the RS 3 sedan that we mentioned above included Audi of America product chief Filip Brabec confirming that his Audi of America team will add substantially to their U.S. RS product portfolio. In the leaked dealer conference video, he stated, “Of course, our RS model portfolio is going to grow even more. Not only will recent RS models such as the TT RS and the RS 5 have successors, but we will add to your showroom up to seven new RS models between now and 2019, including new body styles and even an SUV.

We’re going to assume from this that Brabec isn’t talking about the TT RS or the RS 5 Coupé when he comes to his number of “seven new RS models”. So what do we think will be added? Here’s our quick guess.

Obviously, Audi could do others. The RS Q3 will likely get a successor, and so too will the TT RS Roadster or even a further body style of the TT. There are others that seem duplicitous like an RS 4 sedan, RS 6 sedan or RS Q7, or perhaps niches that may prove to make little sense for America (RS 3 Cabriolet, RS 3 Sportback). For our list, we stuck to what we thought would have a fighting chance. In the end, we only came up with a list of eight, just one shy of Brabec’s number. Figure that RS Q5 or RS Q8 are an either/or scenario given his suggestion of just one SUV and our list quickly matches up in number to his. Whether or not we’ve called it… time will tell.


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