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Audi’s piloted driving concept “Jack” Shows Consideration for Other Drivers, Has Become Self Aware

During a recent test on the A9 Autobahn, Audi’s A7 piloted driving concept “Jack” showed an ability to “show consideration” for other drivers, adapting not only to road conditions, but also to the actions of others.  Through many miles of testing, Jack has learned to give trucks additional space while overtaking, and activates the turn signals in advance of changing lanes.  As an added bonus, Jack can new also either accelerate or brake during merging situations, depending on situation and selected driving profile.

But Audi’s piloted driving concept is as much about improving efficiency just as much as it is about convenience, and Jack has a few tricks up his sleeve there as well.  Using his navigation system, Jack can give drivers the option of a route which includes the most autonomous driving sections, allowing for enhanced relaxation for occupants, and enhanced efficiency through smooth, calculated throttle inputs.  In the future, this functionality will also be linked with other cars and traffic control devices, further reducing traffic congestion and fuel consumption.

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  • Audi A7 piloted driving concept: concept car impresses by its natural interaction with other road users on the expressway
  • Car-to-X communication: digital test site on the A9
  • “First mile”: piloted driving in the urban environment

Audi once again confirms its leading role in the field of piloted driving. Its latest research car, the Audi A7 piloted driving concept “Jack,” has not only learned how to autonomously perform all of its driving maneuvers on the expressway. Above all, it has learned how to show consideration for other road users. “Jack” exhibits a driving style that is adaptive to the given situation, safe and especially interactive – a research car with social competence.

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