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Bugatti Could Speed Up Chiron Production Even More

With 220 Chirons already sold, Bugatti is speeding up production to get cars into the hands of owners quicker.

The company originally planned to build 500 Chirons over eight years but according to GT Spirit, that timeframe could be revisited based on demand. Currently the automaker has decided to increase capacity to 65 units for next year, meaning anyone that places a new order today will have to wait at least three years before they get their Chiron.

Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer confirmed in an interview that the company’s “full focus is on building and delivering the Chirons for customers who have placed an order so far,” debunking rumors that the automaker was considering a limited run of its Vision Gran Turismo Concept.

The company will continue to deliver Chirons to existing Bugatti owners first, valuing loyalty to the brand. So far, only one pre-production Chiron has been delivered to a customer, the same person that also purchased the one-off Gran Turismo Concept. The next deliveries are scheduled to begin next year and from then on, expect around five units to be produced per month.

[Source: GT Spirit]

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